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GoS Sarek Sunset and Sunset Glacier – Emulating the Beauty of Nature with Luminous Mother-of-Pearl

GoS Sarek Sunset and Sunset Glacier – Emulating the Beauty of Nature with Luminous Mother-of-Pearl


Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjörgen, organizers of GoS Watches, make watches that exemplify their energy for Scandinavia’s Viking past  and the characteristic magnificence of Sweden’s landscape. However interesting as they may be unordinary, GoS watches are a long ways from the moderate esthetic we will in general connect with Scandinavian plan. In front of Baselworld 2019, GoS presents a ‘his and hers’ rendition of its Sarek watch with a mother-of-pearl dial that shines in obscurity. Fitted with modified Soprod programmed developments, the watch comes in two case sizes (43mm and 31.5mm) and is restricted to 10 pieces in either size.

Scandinavian Scenery

Johan Gustafsson and Patrik  Sjörgen made GoS Watches back in 2007, a miniature independent brand that settled upon an abnormal visual personality to stand out from the group. Our giver Robin Nooy has been following GoS for quite a long time and you can get a great vibe for the motivation and high quality occupation of this brand in any of his hands-on articles here . A two-man show with a restricted creation of around 40 watches per year, the two men professed an energy for antiquated Scandinavian specialties and old stories and chose to give the brand an unmistakable Viking contact. Expert bladesmith Gustafsson carried his specific produced Damascus steel to the blend, while ace watchmaker Patrik Sjögren chipped away at the mechanical viewpoint, get together and hand completions of the watches.

We grew up respecting the handicrafts of our way of life so you could say we have it in our backbone,” clarifies Sjörgen. Nonetheless, not at all like the Viking metallurgists that enlivened Gustafsson’s manufactured steel cases and dials, there isn’t anything crude about the end result which shows significant degrees of completing and meticulousness. The Sarek assortment was presented in 2016 and its brilliant Damascus steel dials repeated the always changing landscape and skies of the Sarek National Park in Sweden at various times and year.

Sarek Sunset and Sarek Glacier

Moving away from the twirling Damascene dials – depicted by the brand as an “blast design” – of previous Sarek models , Gustafsson and Sjörgen needed to locate a material that could catch the orange hints of the sky at sunset and the frosty blue tones of a glacier. The ideal material to permit light and shading to radiate through its surface is mother-of-pearl and the dials of the two watches include a bit of white mother-of-pearl that shines with an infant blue or dim pink tone in sunshine. The shade of the dials comes from the utilization of top quality Swiss Super-LumiNova.

Sjögren clarified that the hued brilliant material is painted on the opposite side of the mother-of-pearl and accepts that GoS is one of the principal brands to utilize this specific procedure and has petitioned for a patent. The genuine impact of the Super-LumiNova can best be valued in shaky light conditions and the Sunset dial shines searing orange while the Glacier produces an extreme, practically supernatural blue sparkle. No lists are highlighted on the dial and the hour markers are demonstrated by semi-roundabout holes on the part ring that uncovers the hidden tone radiating from the mother-of-pearl dial. The more specialized plan of the file ring was propelled by an old Viking clasp and, as you would anticipate from a brand that commends its fighter roots, the hands are molded like the heads of Viking lances, the most commonly utilized weapon in that period.

Vulcan’s Forge

Johan Gustafsson strikes the iron block in his manufacture right external Norsholm, Sweden, in a motion that has been passed down from his Viking progenitors. Celebrated for their blades, Vikings utilized an example welding procedure to make an early composite material that considered longer, more keen and stronger swords. Created by various antiquated civilisations around the globe, design welded steel or Damascus steel included collapsing layer upon layer of metals bringing about a special whirling design on its surface. Gustafsson’s hand-produced Damascus steel acquired him overall acclaim and the differentiation of expert bladesmith and knifemaker. Nonetheless, Gustafsson needed to expand the utilization of Damascus steel past blades and moved toward Sjörgen, ace watchmaker and architect in 2007, to produce GoS Watches. Albeit the dial of the new Sarek models doesn’t highlight Gustafsson’s brand name twirling designed Damascene steel, the bezel comes directly from his forge.

With silk completed circular furrows cut into the caseband, Gustafsson’s remarkable hand-fashioned Damascus steel on the bezel, cleaned and slanted drags (on account of the men’s models) and a crown displayed after the grip of a Viking sword, no one could contend that the case is basic. I need to concede that the 31.5mm breadth of the women’s Sarek models runs on the little side of watches for certain ladies, yet as Sjögren called attention to, the 40mm distance between haul tips, coupled with the way that the lash screws are fixed to a bar which is connected to the situation, really expands the size of the watch and makes it look bigger than it is.

Conversely, and on the off chance that men may be worried about the 43.3mm breadth of the Sarek men’s models wearing bigger on the wrist, the distance between the tips of the hauls is diminished to 22mm outwardly decreasing the measurements. Each watch is engraved with its comparing restricted version number x/10.

Swiss Movement

Both the people Sarek Sunset and Glacier models are fitted with a programmed Soprod A10 development which has been modified by GoS. The rotor is enriched with a triskelion or triskele design (fanatics of the arrangement Vikings will remember it as the three interlocked drinking horns used to address the god Odin) and an extra stabilizer in hand-completed German silver. Sjögren is liable for all the completions and concedes that a bunch of hands can take him one workday to complete and an entire week to complete a Damascus steel bridge.

Strap and Crystal Case

Previous Sarek models have come with lashes produced using Scandinavian elk (moose) leather, however the new models, which might want to be considered ‘dressier’ individuals from the Sarek family, come with tightened leather ties in a wide assortment of tones with deployant Swiss clasps. Another oddity of the new Sarek watches is the introduction box, which as opposed to being a handmade pecan box, presently comes in a Swedish gem beneficiary made by glassmaker Vas Vitreum. With regards to its Nordic soul, the little cushion used to mount the watch is produced using reindeer suede!

The combination of characteristic mother-of-pearl and hand-produced Damascus steel guarantees that each piece has its remarkable, particular character. Both the people’s models come with a five-year ensure. All the Sarek Sunset and Glacier models retail for USD 8,500 (excl. charges). Conveyances will start in May 2019. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .