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Glashütte Original’s PanoInverse Limited Edition Platinum Wears its Heart on its Sleeve

Glashütte Original’s PanoInverse Limited Edition Platinum Wears its Heart on its Sleeve


Once you’ve seen it, you are never going to fail to remember it. During the Swatch Group’s introduction of the 2019 oddities held a week ago in Switzerland, Glashütte Original introduced a selective, limited edition model of the PanoInverse . Lavishly ornamented, nothing is the place where you would anticipate that it should be and the equilibrium connect, which is shown dial-side, is in a real sense suspended in negative space. An uncommon combination of custom and advancement, the 42mm PanoInverse is a limited edition of 25 pieces dressed in platinum and keeps its open heart siphoning with the manual-winding type 66-08.

Wearing ITS heart on ITS sleeve

Eleven years prior, Glashütte Original revealed its PanoInverse line. The idea was to ‘transform’ the situation of the equilibrium extension and present it on the dial. Eccentric yet profoundly fulfilling because of the excellence of the butterfly extension and its twofold swan-neck fine change, the pulsating heart of the development energized the dial no closure. The predominant attribute of the PanoInverse models is the articulated awry design: hours and minutes on the left met by a little seconds counter, the equilibrium connect on the correct lower half of the dial and a force hold marker at 2 o’clock (the alleged GangReserve). The previous non-limited editions of the PanoInverse were produced using hardened steel and included strong Glashütte stripes on the trademark ¾ plate. Combined with the striking Arabic numerals on the hours and minutes counter and the dim range, the past PanoInverse radiated a manly, contemporary feel.

The most recent PanoInverse is fundamentally unique. Practically the aggregate of the rhodium-plated ¾ plate on the dial is hand-engraved with expand foliage. What’s more, taking into account that every etcher has his/her very own style, every one of the 25 watches will be somewhat unique. What is significantly more astonishing is the way the screw-mounted gold chatons, the blued screws and the ruby-red gems appear to be coordinated into the composition. Despite the fact that we realize they are for utilitarian purposes, it looks like they structure part of the foliage.

The two crossing plates for the hours, minutes and little seconds are settled among the ornamentation. The marginally dirty surface of these dials is accomplished with blue-grained veneer, and the hands (skeletonised for quite a long time) and the applied lists are produced using white gold.

The show of negative space

The effortless butterfly connect, composed of two hand-engraved equilibrium cocks, ranges the dial generally from 6 o’clock to 2 o’clock. Aside from the bizarre situating of the equilibrium connect, the slice out region to the privilege gives emotional straightforwardness. This utilization of negative space positions the scaffold in a void and offers us an unobstructed perspective on the spinning balance wheel.

The duplex swan-neck fine change, which you can see on the highest point of the equilibrium cocks, was presented by Glashütte Original in 2002 and can be found in a few hand-wound and naturally twisted types. The swan-neck fine change permits a watchmaker to change the watch’s timekeeping rate with much more accuracy than a customary fine adjustment.

Turning the watch over, you can completely value the region that has been eliminated from the plate and you can see the underside of the equilibrium wheel. Normally, the opposite side is likewise hand-engraved with a similar fragile foliage.

Inverted Caliber 66-08

The PanoInverse Limited Edition is fitted with the manual-twisting in-house type 66-08. Reversed to show its heart on the dial, the development pulsates at a recurrence of 4Hz and makes some running memories of 41 hours. Notwithstanding the off-focused time signs and the force save show on the dial, the type has a stop-seconds instrument for exact time setting.


If the previous edition of the PanoInverse had a particular, very manly and contemporary allure, this model has an imaginative, practically ethereal soul. I’m reluctant to utilize the word ‘ladylike’, however the sensitive hand-engraved themes that elegance the dial help me to remember a field of wildflowers. The activity on the dial is entrancing and having the option to appreciate the unlimited palpitations of the equilibrium wheel is a joy for any watch lover.

Availability and price

Limited to only 25 pieces, the 42mm case (stature 12mm) is made from platinum with cleaned and glossy silk brushed completes and has a blue sapphire cabochon in the crown. The watch comes with a dull blue croc leather tie to coordinate the shade of the blue dial, the blued sinks and the cabochon the crown. The watch is accessible from Glashütte Original Boutiques and retails for EUR 45,000. More data at .