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Glashütte Original Returns to the Dive Watch Market with the SeaQ Collection (Live Pics)

Glashütte Original Returns to the Dive Watch Market with the SeaQ Collection (Live Pics)


For a large portion of the watch fans, Glashütte Original methods this – rich, very good quality watches motivated by the German School of Watchmaking. This would, in any case, be reductive, as the brand (and the elements that existed previously) is likewise known for exact watches and instruments, like route chronometers. What less may know is the amazing assortment of chronicled perception, pilot and diver’s watches made in Glashütte. Today, Glashütte Original gains by this rich past to make another reach named “Spezialist” – and today we have the debut model in this new assortment, the Glashütte Original SeaQ, a vintage-motivated dive watch. 


Let’s be straightforward, this new Glashütte Original SeaQ truly came as an astonishment. This was unmistakably not what we expected to see for the 2019 assortment. Notwithstanding, looking back at more established GO assortments, you’ll see that it isn’t the principal diver-enlivened model made by the brand. Recall the Sport Evolution? For quite a long while, the brand has focussed on rich, commonly German watches, be that as it may, the market for sports watches and vintage motivation is hot today. Thus the production of this SeaQ collection.

The plan of the SeaQ doesn’t come suddenly. We need to recollect that, during the 1950s and 1960s, when the brand was heavily influenced by the GDR and named Glashütte Uhren Betrieb, the creation was focussed on utilitarian and rather available watches, and not top of the line horology, as today is the situation. In this occasion, the brand delivered watches like this one, which brought forth the current Sixties. The assortment in those days was tremendous and comprised different kinds of pieces, for example, the “Spezimatic Type RP TS 200”, grew explicitly for sports divers and that brought forth the SeaQ collection.

Common features

The new Glashütte Original SeaQ comprises three models, to be specific the 39.5mm SeaQ, a somewhat vintage-motivated model, the 43.2mm SeaQ Panorama Date, with a more present day energy a more extravagant allure, lastly a restricted version that repeats the old Spezimatic watch, the SeaQ 1969.

That being said, there’s an unmistakable intelligence in this assortment, with all the models sharing common attributes. The common solidarity comes from the state of the case, – whatever the breadth – which is molded in a regularly 1960s way, with coordinated carries and sharp points. Note that this assortment has been tried by the DIN and ISO guidelines (the DIN 8306 and ISO 6425 to be exact) for dive watches. All adaptations include a unidirectional, counter-clockwise turning bezel with a detectable snap and an artistic decorate with a reasonable hour long track.

As for the dial, all the models show generally significant numerals and records, just as curiously large hands – with an unmistakable differentiation between the hours and the minutes hands, the last being molded like a bolt. Each of the three models are accessible on elastic or synthetic ties, with a decision of pin clasp or crease latch. Except for the vintage-propelled SeaQ 1969, which comes on a treated steel wristband with a 8-venture fine change mechanism.

All three watches are outfitted with in-house programmed developments, nonetheless, vary contingent upon the model. Let’s presently take a gander at every one of the variants in detail.

The Glashütte Original SeaQ

The first model in this new “Spezialist” assortment is a sensibly measured, somewhat vintage-propelled watch. The Glashütte Original SeaQ is housed in a 39.5mm case with 12.15mm stature. The watch is water-impervious to 200m, highlights a screw-down crown and a plain steel caseback, engraved with a harpoon with the Double-G and 20 waves – note that the caseback is vertically aligned.

The dial of this “standard” Glashütte Original SeaQ makes an unmistakable reference to the past model, with a date situated at 3 o’clock and outlined in white, just as painted numerals and markers. The last mentioned, just as the hands, are loaded up with “old-radium” hued Super-LumiNova. This model is just accessible with a galvanic dark dial with sunray finish. Note the “Glashütte” engraving at 6 o’clock (an approach to separate this one from the restricted edition).

This 39.5mm rendition of the SeaQ is charming on the wrist and is accessible with either an elastic lash, a synthetic tie, each accessible with pin clasp or overlap latch, or a 3-interface steel wristband with fine adjustment.

Inside the case is the type 39-11, an in-house programmed development, rather basic in its execution, with 40 hours of force hold. It runs at 4Hz. This development shows the hours, minutes and seconds (with second-stop) just as a basic date. Costs will begin at EUR 8,500.

Quick facts: 39.5mm x 12.15mm – hardened steel case, cleaned and brushed – unidirectional earthenware bezel – dark electrifies dial – painted markers – 200m water-safe – plain caseback – type 39-11, programmed with 40-hour power hold – accessible on elastic, nylon or steel – reference 1-39-11-06-80

The Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date

The second model in this new dive watch assortment by Glashütte Original is a more current interpretation of the idea. While the essential state of the watch and the dial format stay indistinguishable, the watch is both bigger, more complex, outfitted with a very good quality development and altogether, more luxurious.

The instance of the Glashütte Original SeaQ Panorama Date estimates 43.2mm in breadth and 15.65mm in stature. Different contrasts can be seen, compared to the 39.5mm model, including its 300m water-opposition and a transparent caseback. The watch holds a similar earthenware bezel with an hour long scale.

The dial of the SeaQ Panorama Date is additionally rather unique, both in presentation and execution. In the first place, the watch is accessible in two tones – galvanic blue with a sunray finish or galvanic dark with a sunray finish. Besides, the lists and numerals are applied on the dial and not printed. Despite the fact that their shape is suggestive of the old model, they are filled, much the same as the hands, with white Super-LumiNova for a contemporary touch. The other significant contrast comes from the expansion of a mark “Panorama Date” somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 o’clock, showed as normal by two plates (coordinating the shade of the dial).

This rendition has a totally different feel on the wrist, with more presence and a more hearty feel. On account of short carries, it stays comfortable. It will be accessible with either an elastic tie, a synthetic tie, each with either a pin clasp or overlay latch, or a 3-connect steel arm band with fine adjustment.

Under the sapphire caseback is the type 36-13, a similar development as found in the Senator Excellence assortment, a top of the line, chronometer-ensured programmed motor with decent enrichment. Taking into account that this watch will go through a more dynamic way of life than the Senator, a blade mounting guarantees that the development is moored for the situation for especially powerful stun resistance.

This development goes through a similar requesting 24-day test as the wide range of various developments of the family and holds its comfortable 100-hour power save. Costs will begin at EUR 11,000.

Quick facts: 43.2mm x 15.65mm – hardened steel case, cleaned and brushed – unidirectional ceramic bezel in dark or blue – dark or blue excited dial – applied markers – 300m water-safe – sapphire caseback – Caliber 36-13, programmed with 100-hour power hold and Panorama Date – accessible on elastic, nylon or steel – reference 1-36-13-01-80 (dark) or 1-36-13-02-81 (blue)

The Glashütte Original SeaQ 1969 Limited Edition

Last yet not least, as a lead for the dispatch of this new assortment, Glashütte Original additionally made a profoundly elite restricted release, considerably more dedicated to the original Spezimatic Type RP TS 200, named the SeaQ 1969. Some starter advice… If you like it, you’d should be quick, as just 69 pieces will be produced.

The Glashütte Original SeaQ 1969 Limited Edition depends on the 39.5mm model, with which it shares its case and its development. The distinctions are insignificant and situated on the dial and the caseback (which shows the one of a kind number of the restricted version). Compared to the standard model, likewise note that this adaptation might be accessible on an elastic or synthetic tie, both accessible on pin clasp or overlay latch (no steel arm band here).

As referenced, the fundamental contrast of the SeaQ 1969 Limited Edition lies in its dial, which shows a similar galvanic dark tone with sunray finish, a similar date window and a similar painted files in “old-radium”, however with various hands (white iridescent material) and various engravings. At 6 o’clock, you can peruse “25 RUBIS SHOCKPROOF” rather than “Glashütte”, a reference to the recorded model.

The rest of the watch, including the programmed type 39-11, the 200m water-obstruction and the bezel, stays indistinguishable. The cost will be EUR 8,500.

Quick facts: 39.5mm x 12.15mm – tempered steel case, cleaned and brushed – unidirectional ceramic bezel – dark aroused dial – painted markers with old-radium records and white hands – 200m water-safe – plain caseback with extraordinary number – Caliber 39-11, programmed with 40-hour power hold – accessible on elastic or nylon – reference 1-39-11-01-80


The Glashütte Original SeaQ assortment will be accessible in the not so distant future (no more subtleties yet). Costs will be the following:

  • 39.5mm, elastic or synthetic tie, pin clasp: EUR 8,500
  • 39.5mm, elastic or synthetic tie, crease clasp: EUR 8,800
  • 39.5mm, steel arm band: EUR 9,700
  • Limited version, elastic or synthetic tie, pin clasp: EUR 8,500
  • Limited version, elastic or synthetic tie, crease clasp: EUR 8,800
  • 43.2mm, elastic or synthetic lash, pin clasp: EUR 11,000
  • 43.2mm, elastic or synthetic lash, overlay clasp: EUR 11,300
  • 43.2mm, steel arm band: EUR 12,200