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Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve Now In Blue/Gold

Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve Now In Blue/Gold


The PanoMatic Lunar and PanoReserve are returned to in 2019 in shining red gold cases with the du jour dial shading. This isn’t the first run through the PanoMaticLunar and the PanoReserve include blue dials, the two models have paraded blue dials before yet were housed in tempered steel cases. The difference with the red gold escalates the blue and takes the esthetics to an unheard of level. Normally, the specialized qualities and the notable deviation that recognize this famously Saxon line of watches have not been touched.

Saxon great looks

The unmistakable lopsided attributes of the PanoReserve and PanoMaticLunar characterize the actual embodiment of Glashütte Original watches. With the two off-centered sub-dials for the hours, minutes and little seconds on the left 50% of the dial and the huge Panorama Date on the lower exactly at 4 o’clock, the primary contrast between the two models is the utilization of the space somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 o’clock. The PanoReserve utilizes this zone for its exquisite retrograde force save marker; the PanoMaticLunar rather utilizes it for a moon-stage sign. By one way or another, all the unique components on the dial join to make an extremely satisfying and amicable entire gratitude to the utilization of the Golden Ratio.

into the wide blue yonder

As large numbers of you know, Glashütte Original has its own dial make in Pforzheim with a custom for delightful carefully assembled dials. The brand is one of only a handful few watchmakers to create its own dial spaces, utilizing materials like metal, German silver, bronze or gold. The rich blue shade of these dials is the aftereffect of a galvanic interaction. The dials are lowered in a galvanic shower for a specific measure of time and the voltage is supported at the right level. Timing is of the pith and must be carefully controlled to accomplish the specific shade of blue required. The elaboration of the furrowed “vinyl” design adorning the time work circles is additionally carefully monitored to acquire the desired impact and right arrangement. The applied hour markers, that appear as though smaller than usual gold ingots, contrast the extraordinary blue dial and the Alpha-formed red gold hands for the hours and minutes are treated with SuperLumiNova.

The notorious Panorama Date window with its twofold slanted casing highlights a fresh blue foundation and white cushion printed numerals for most extreme differentiation. The moon-stage marker, housed in a chest formed opening at 2 o’clock, is likewise flawlessly executed with a profoundly characterized inclined edge that attracts the eye to the golden moon and stars set against a white foundation. Additionally delivered in Pforzheim, the two golden domed moons are turned out utilizing a precious stone tipped device for additional splendor and the brilliant gleaming sky is accomplished with another sort of galvanic dip.

Automatic or hand-wound movements

Both models are housed in 18k red gold cases with a width of 40mm and delightfully cleaned and silk brushed completions. The distinction between the cases lies in their stature: the PanoMatic Lunar has a case thickness of 12.70mm while the PanoReserve is 1mm more slender with a thickness of 11.70mm. As its name shows, the PanoMaticLunar runs on a programmed development – Caliber 90-02 – while the PanoReserve, with its less fatty profile, is fitted with a conventional manual-winding development – Caliber 65-01. Albeit the two types offer a similar execution – running at 4Hz with a 42-hour power save – the view through the sapphire caseback changes radically.

The programmed type 90-02 uncovers part of the trademark Glashütte three-quarter plate, the duplex swan-neck fine change and the hand-engraved equilibrium cockerel. Involving the vast majority of the three-quarter plate is the off-centered skeletonised rotor with its 21k gold wavering weight. In the focal point of the skeletonised rotor, two gold G’s addressing Glashütte Original’s logo are put back to back.

The manual-winding type 65-01 is a stunner and not marred by the presence of a rotor. Here you can really value the thick Glashütte Stripes on the three-quarter plate, the choice hand-engraved equilibrium rooster, the inclined edges, and the bits of shading given by the blued steel screws and ruby-red jewels.


It is amazing how an alternate combination of case material and dial shading produces an altogether different watch. The rich 18k red gold case and dark blue dial are very much coordinated and magnify each other’s best highlights. In spite of the fact that I am a sucker for moon stage watches, in the event that I were given the decision, I would go for the PanoReserve. There are heaps of moon stage watches available, however that exquisite triangle for the Gangreserve (power hold) is so great, so scholarly, thus Saxon that my heart softens for PanoReserve. Which is your favourite?

Straps, accessibility and price

Both the PanoMaticLunar and the PanoInverse red gold models come with a dim blue crocodile leather tie to coordinate the dial and a pin lock in red gold. They are additionally accessible with a red gold overlay clasp and a red gold short crease latch. The cost is actually the equivalent for the PanoMaticLunar and PanoInverse beginning at EUR 18,400 for the red gold and pin clasp variants while the models on red gold overlay latches retail for EUR 20,200 (incl. Tank). They are presently accessible in stores. More subtleties at .