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Glashütte Original PanoMaticCounter XL

Glashütte Original PanoMaticCounter XL

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German watch maker Glashütte Original has consistently done things its as own would prefer. Its watches are portrayed by exemplary plans that constantly join a particular current wind or two, interesting to experts and dissenters the same. Simply take a gander at the PanoGraph in case you don’t know what I mean. For reasons unknown, be that as it may, Glashütte Original doesn’t generally pull in a similar degree of media consideration as a portion of its friends, which implies there are regularly shrouded pearls to find. One such model is the PanoMaticCounter XL, which we’re taking a more intensive glance at today.

For some of you, the PanoMaticCounter XL is likely as of now very natural. That is on the grounds that it’s anything but another watch. Truth be told, it made its presentation available back in 2010. It’s actually remembered for the current Glashütte Original Pano assortment, notwithstanding, and all things considered. Not exclusively is it very appealing esthetically, yet the PanoMaticCounter XL is likewise exceptionally intriguing in fact. Outfitted with a flyback chronograph, it additionally flaunts an unordinary counter complication. All fueled by an assembling development, obviously. More on all that at the appropriate time. To start with, how about we investigate the design.


The first thing to note about the PanoMaticCounter XL is that it comes in a steel case. Somely, this is irregular for a watch of this degree of complexity and refinement. Ordinarily you would anticipate a valuable metal, in all probability yellow or white gold. The decision to utilize steel here, therefore, is a purposeful one. It mirrors the to some degree energetic nature of this watch and recommends it was intended to be worn, its complications expected to see normal use.

It likewise mirrors the market notion at the time this model was dispatched. In 2010 worldwide business sectors were all the while faltering from the effects of the sub-prime home loan emergency in the US and obvious utilization was in genuine decay. There was as yet an interest for complicated watches yet of an emphatically more downplayed nature.

Whether the 44mm x 16mm elements of the PanoMaticCounter XL can be characterized as downplayed is another matter. Regardless of its weighty extents, nonetheless, the watch is shockingly comfortable on the wrist because of the short, bended hauls. The whole case, including carries, crown and pushers, shows a cleaned finish and I especially like the slight ventured bezel which outlines the dial pleasantly. There’s a sure tastefulness to the case which gives a fascinating difference to the fairly energetic dial. As you can see there are five pushers altogether, three on the left and two on the right (flanking either side of the crown). We’ll get to what every one of them does in due course.


The dial design of the PanoMaticCounter XL is very particular. I wouldn’t say it’s the most decipherable watch I’ve seen yet it figures out how to introduce a considerable amount of data in a manner that is to some degree instinctive. Furthermore, it has an extremely contemporary feel to it. At the base is an aroused dark dial with twin gaps at 3 and 9 o’clock respectively.

The time (hours and minutes) is shown on an off-focus sub-dial simply over 6 o’clock by white gold hands, which highlight applied white gold numerals and hour markers. Straightforwardly above, and indeed covering the time dial somewhere in the range of 10 and 2 o’clock, is the chronograph stop seconds, appeared on its own committed part ring. It’s raised marginally over the remainder of the dial, presenting an additional feeling of profundity to the presentation. An extra two sub-dials at 10 and 2 (on the fundamental dial) show running seconds and passed chronograph minutes respectively.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the zero focuses on these two sub-dials have been turned 60° in an offer to improve clarity. The stop-seconds scale, auxiliary seconds and 30-minute counters all component white numerals and files against a dark background for greatest contrast.

Completing this particular dial design are the previously mentioned gaps at 3 and 9 o’clock. The one at 3 o’clock house Glashütte Original’s recognizable Panorama date show, with white numerals appeared on a dark foundation. The one at 9 o’clock, notwithstanding, is somewhat more irregular and clarifies how the PanoMaticCounter XL got its name. This is the presentation for the counter complication, which permits you to do precisely what it seems like. Tally things.

Using the pusher at 9 o’clock, you can tally as far as possible up to 99 and afterward utilize the pusher at 10 o’clock to in a flash reset back to nothing. Or then again on the other hand, you can utilize the pusher at 8 o’clock to tally down 1 digit at a time. What you decide to tally is completely up to you. The occasions your accomplice feigns exacerbation when you begin talking about watches. Or then again maybe the occasions you see precisely the same image of precisely the same watch on its dispatch day (for this situation, tallying to 99 may not be adequate.) Admittedly it’s not the most commonsense of complications but rather it is extremely novel, and as we’ll find in a moment, undeniably more complex than it looks.


Glashütte Original is a really incorporated watch maker and has been delivering excellent, in-house developments for quite a while. The Caliber 96-01 – new at the hour of PanoMaticCounter XL’s dispatch – is a phenomenal illustration of this. Its design depends on the honor winning Caliber 95 and highlights a section wheel chronograph with flyback work. It likewise flaunts GO’s licensed respective winding system, which uses step cog wheels to send energy rapidly and proficiently to the development and adjusts to the action levels of the wearer.

In complete, the development is comprised of 584 exclusively made components, 217 of which are needed for the counter complication module alone. The uncommon complication was planned by Glashütte Original’s in-house advancement group and every one of its components are exactness made in the Glashütte Original manufacture.

Beating at 28,000vph, Caliber 96-01 offers an inexact force hold of 42 hours. Similarly as with most Glashütte Original watches, it is wonderfully wrapped up, including the three-quarter plate with Glashütte ribbing, inclined edges and blued screws, a hand-engraved equilibrium rooster and a swan-neck fine change with a finely strung axle. Which is all in plain view through the sapphire precious stone case back.

Worn on a dark Louisiana crocodile leather lash, the PanoMaticCounter XL is something of a mixture between a games watch and a dress watch. An astonishingly complex watch, the steel case helps keep it shockingly open from a value perspective at EUR 21,200. For more data: .