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Glashütte Original PanoGraph – Redefining the Flyback Chronograph, the Saxon Way

Glashütte Original PanoGraph – Redefining the Flyback Chronograph, the Saxon Way

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With its awry dials and huge date windows, the Pano Collection has become a reference point of Glashütte Original’s strong Saxon character – the PanoMaticLunar and the PanoReserve are the most popular instances of this completely Saxon feeling of plan and mechanics. First delivered in 2002, the PanoGraph stood apart from the group with its novel chronograph aggregator that shed the conventional design of sub-counters and demonstrated that not all chronographs must be no-nonsense games competitors. A victory of esthetics and mechanics, we return to the PanoGraph today and find how a famous Pano can accept a complication without forfeiting a bit of style. 


When Glashütte Original was obtained by the Swatch Group in 2000, it expected to make a persuading statement of purpose. Quick behind A. Lange & Söhne’s in-house flyback chronograph – the Datograph (just returned to in this Lumen variant) – Glashütte Original wowed the stage with its PanoRetroGraph, an exceptionally complex flyback chronograph complete with a 30-minute retrograde commencement counter furnished with a ring. Delivered in a restricted release of 50 platinum watches, the PanoRetroGraph highlighted a novel 30-minute register for the chronograph capacities and the uneven dial design with enormous twofold date window that would become the trademark highlights of the Pano family.

It was strong, striking and novel and was at last restrained by eliminating the retrograde and tolling capacities to become the PanoGraph, gave in a treated steel form delivered in 2002 and retailing for a competitive USD 15K. In 2012, the PanoGraph was improved, losing the thick bezel, the thick part rings on the time and sub-seconds dial and the to some degree incongruent specks on the moment aggregator. Expanded in size from 39mm to 40mm, the bezel was returned to in a more slender, more tasteful style and the components on the dial tidied up at the same time holding the noteworthy mechanics of type 61. In that, it followed a similar plan advancement as the remainder of the Pano assortment, becoming more rich overall.

The less common direction by

Chronographs will in general element occupied dials with auxiliary counters – often featured in differentiating colors – which can degrade by and large intelligibility. The design of the sub-counters may vary, however not many chronographs have figured out how to forgo the organization of the sub-dial register – 2 or 3 of them uusually. In 2017, Fabergé astounded the watch world with its awesome Visionnaire Chronograph , a progressive development concocted by ace watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and created with his group at Agenhor. Wiederrecht’s very complex chronograph type for the Visionnaire brought about a hyper-natural concentrated showcase for the slipped by seconds, hours and minutes – a development later utilized in the Singer Reimagined Track 1 .

It is intriguing to perceive how Glashütte Original has handled the chrono question inside its Pano family. From one perspective, you have the strong 44mm  PanoMaticCounter XL , seething with sub-counters and pushers that corrupts the look and feel of the Pano assortment for a more present day, lively demeanor. Then again, you have the PanoGraph, a tasteful flyback that regards the respectability of its sources by giving an exceptionally innovative and exquisite answer for show slipped by times.

A dial of irregular serenity

The in general impact of the PanoGraph dial is one of visual quietness and equilibrium. Despite the fact that it is uniquely awry, we are guaranteed by the brand that the brilliant proportion was utilized to make the amicable impact, and there does seem to be a legitimate spot for each and every component, with no impression of imperative or disarray. Set against a silver electrifies matte foundation, the enormous off-focused hours and minutes counter, which is smoothly met by the running seconds, is set on the left while the notable Panoramic large date window (from which the assortment acquires its name) holds its situation to the right.

The level of detail on the dial is uncommon. Simply take a gander at the excellent two-ventured slanting on the date window and the finished snailing on the hours and seconds counters, or the stout rose gold hour markers like small scale ingots and the refined manner by which the minutes track crosses the running seconds counter – even idea I’m by and by not a devotee of the twofold G stabilizer on the chrono seconds hand.

On the PanoMaticLunar and the PanoReserve , the space saved for the complication (a moonphase or a force save pointer) is consistently on the correct side of the dial – along these lines keeping the equilibrium of the dial unblemished. On the Glashütte Original PanoGraph, curving effortlessly on the upper right section is the innovative 30-minute chronograph aggregator. Composed of three separate tracks – 0 to 10, 10 to 20 and 20 to 30 – the curved window highlights three separate rose gold pointers with a red tip, of various lengths relying upon which track they demonstrate, which spring up to uncover the passed minutes. Watching the pointer jump out after the primary moment is such a delight that you may end up initiating the chrono just to perceive how the hands play out their firm unequivocal jumps.

Housed in a glimmering 40mm 18k red gold case with a stature of 13.7mm, the case has a liberal presence and a fantastic load on the wrist – something numerous individuals need when putting resources into a gold watch. Nonetheless, the upgraded bezel implies that the case never upstages the quiet vistas of the dial. The case completes are outstanding and the bezel, carries, crown and pushers are cleaned while the underside of the hauls and casebands are silk brushed.

As a flyback chronograph that allows you to stop, reset and start the chrono capacities with one catch – intended to record continuous occasions without forfeiting significant seconds – the PanoGraph has pushers situated at 2 and 4 o’clock. The one thing that you should become accustomed to is the way that the pushers are turned around and the extremely significant flyback work is at 2 o’clock and the standard beginning stop at 4 o’clock.

Calibre 61-03

Turning over the watch gives another captivating and completely unhindered display of Glashütte Original’s in-house manual-winding segment wheel chronograph. A profusion of remarkable completions, hints of shading, and complicatedly layered design, the development is absolutely among the most delightful you can discover available, particularly in that cost range.

Measuring 32.2mm with a tallness of 7.2mm, the development shows trademark Glashütte ribbing on the extensions, perlage on the three-quarter plate, screw-mounted gold chatons, inclined edges, cleaned and glossy silk completed steel parts, blued screws, the exemplary swan-neck fine change and trademark engraved equilibrium chicken. Moving past the lavish completions, the segment wheel chronograph is fitted with an exchanging wheel that works the different chrono capacities. Swaying at 28,800vph (4Hz), the development has a normal force save of 42 hours. This development has a lot of subtleties and genuine profundity – one of those miniature city developments we love here, at MONOCHROME.


This is one of our number one Glashütte Original Pano models and likely perhaps the most lovely watches in the brand’s portfolio. As you will review, the Pano has been deciphered in different pretenses, including the hyper-exquisite PanoReserve model, the marvelous PanoMatic Lunar and the more specialized PanoMatic Inverse , yet the PanoGraph takes the cake for its clever understanding of the chronograph show that regards the rich attitude of the Pano and takes a gander at home on the dial. Also, for that, bravo to Glashütte Original!


Retailing for EUR 29,600, the PanoGraph isn’t what you would call an open watch, yet in the event that you are on the lookout for a strong gold in-house flyback chronograph that lines against the ordinary format, this may be the watch for you – also the magnificence of the hand-wound movement… Presented on dark or dim earthy colored gator lash, you can pick either a red gold pin clasp or a red gold collapsing fasten. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .