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Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky – Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky – Combining the Best of Both Worlds

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Combining a jump watch and a chronograph is consistently precarious, both outwardly and actually. It implies adding openings for a situation that is needed to be waterproof. In fact, it doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Visually, it likewise implies combining area and sea, dashing and plunging, profundity and stature. Two universes that are, from the outset, in complete resistance. Plunging chronographs are difficult to dominate, however Favre-Leuba has responded to the crossover call and proposes its vision in the Raider Sea-Sky. The most amazing aspect the two universes? Let’s find out.

As I referenced, blending a jump watch and a chronograph in a solitary watch is specialized jabber – or possibly, it is a specialized test. From one viewpoint, you have a watch that requirements to ensure water protection from incredible pressing factors, implying that the case should be just about as firmly sealed as could really be expected. Then again, you have a chronograph complication that expects connections to be actuated, by squeezing pushers. It’s like combining the high-octane execution of a games vehicle with eco-cordiality. Testing, however not feasible. This is the thing that Favre-Leuba has attempted to accomplish with the Raider Sea-Sky. On the whole, a touch of foundation on the brand.

The resurrection of Favre-Leuba

The foundations of Favre-Leuba go as far back as the mid 18thcentury, and the brand can flaunt an authentic and famous past. In the course of recent years, nonetheless, the brand has been rather calm. Subsequent to changing hands a few times, it was obtained by Titan Company Limited in 2011, and is currently overseen by Thomas Morf – see meet here .

In 2017, Favre-Leuba was altogether restored and a shiny new assortment was dispatched, chiefly focussed on instrument watches – in accordance with the brand’s adage “conquering frontiers”. The principle assortment is the Raider, which is an advanced interpretation of a vintage watch of the brand. For example, take a gander at the Raider Harpoon and its special showcase of the time, or at the Bivouac 9000, the principal watch with a mechanical altimeter equipped for estimating elevation wherever on Earth.

The Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky

The Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky is a serious extraordinary watch. Its style, its size, its soul are obviously not on the exquisite side of watchmaking. Everything here oozes investigation and heartiness. It is a strong piece of metal, which is made to last and to accompany its wearer in for all intents and purposes any sort of climate. It offers the usefulness of a chronograph for estimating slipped by times with the pragmatic advantages of a pivoting bezel and noteworthy water opposition. Land, sky, sea, profundities, heights… As an investigation instrument, the combination of a chronograph with a jump observe truly makes sense.

The first things that get the attention are the shape and size of the watch. The combination of a barrel-molded case and a 44mm breadth makes it a significant assertion piece, however it is a purposeful decision intended to secure the development. The general shape is suggestive of the vintage watches of the brand, with a specific 1970s style, yet it has been modernized with more bends (the former one was a practically wonderful square, a rather unusual shape). This barrel case improves the size of the watch yet, circumstantially, gives more noteworthy assurance. Huge and substantial on the wrist, it is shockingly wonderful to wear.

As referenced, this watch combines the most awesome aspect a plunge watch with a chronograph. It implies that we discover a uni-directional pivoting bezel, fitted with an aluminum embed printed with an hour long scale, just as pushers on the correct side of the case. In spite of having these push-pieces (which are not screwed), the Raider Sea-Sky offers an incredible water-resistance of 200m, all that could possibly be needed for most clients. This astonishing combination of components can likewise be seen on the dial, which includes the standard chronograph sub-counters just as an average diver’s minute hand – with an enormous glowing tip, made to be perused along the turning bezel. Not generally accomplished, the blend of plunging and chronograph components is even on this model making it a triumphant all-rounder.

To keep the 1970s style alive, Favre-Leuba picked unique and brilliant combinations for the dials. One of them has a light blue dial with white sub-counters and a blue bezel, the second has a dark dial with white sub-counters and splendid orange accents on the bezel and hands. Notwithstanding the crazy style, these shadings upgrade the neatness of the Raider Sea-Sky. Huge applied lists, all loaded up with glowing paint, complete the look. Favre-Leuba additionally settled on the correct decision of a 3-6-9 design, in spite of being controlled by a Valjoux-based development – considerably more adjusted and wonderful than the conventional 6-9-12 format of most Valjoux-fueled watches.

The sides of the case are likewise curiously planned, with a few surfaces and breaks. The Raider Sea-Sky is more compact that one could expect and includes different measurements and charming highlights. For example, the plain steel back (important to guarantee water-opposition) is in a bad way yet adjusted so the content is totally level – It may very well be a detail, yet consideration regarding subtleties is the thing that has the effect in luxury.

Inside the case is a notable and solid Valjoux 7753, a programmed development with date highlight, a 48h force save and a 4Hz recurrence. Nothing extravagant here, however a development that befits the instrument thought behind this Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky.

The Favre-Leuba Raider Sea-Sky figures out how to blend jumping and chronograph components in a fair manner, without making concessions for one complication over another. It is without a doubt a powerful games watch that must be worn purposely. Nonetheless, for those looking for a genuine investigation watch that can follow them essentially wherever around the world, this is a choice to consider. More subtleties on .