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Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavour – A Modern Classic from a Colourful Brand

Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavour – A Modern Classic from a Colourful Brand

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Dive watches are extremely common these days. You can go top of the line with a Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 or Omega Seamaster, or discover something more moderate like a Seiko Diver’s Automatic or Hamilton Khaki King Scuba. Whether spending USD 10,000 or USD 500, it’s not elusive a snappy and able jump watch from a plenty of set up brands. Since the time I got my first genuine mechanical watch during the 1990s, a RGM Model 107-P Pilot, I’ve inclined toward more modest, lesser-known companies. Plunge watches have often been my style of decision, so I’m eager to review a Super Compressor from a newcomer that has just created a few waves: the Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavour.


Farer Universal, a British-based company producing authentic Swiss watches by means of Roventa-Henex, has a small bunch of lines that have created a great deal of interest with their unique, marginally particular retro esthetics. Strong tones and surfaces, multi-layered dials and mark bronze crowns have encouraged them hang out in an extremely jam-packed field. Since 2015, this youthful company has gone from a couple of quartz watches to a complex arrangement of ETA-driven mechanical models. You can peruse our outline of Farer’s Three Hand Automatics here . I as of late got my hands on probably the most recent plan, the Aqua Compressor Endeavor, which harkens back to Super Compressor (SC) jump watches from many years prior. We should investigate one of Farer’s most aspiring watches to date.

Farer has three distinctive SC models, all having a similar case and development, yet with totally different dials and character. The model I have, the Endeavor, is the most exemplary of the threesome with a dark dial and stifled presence. The other two, the Hecla and Leven, have a lot bolder dials with dark blue, orange and silver ranges. The Endeavor promptly helped me to remember an exemplary Pontiac Memomatic Super Compressor from the 1970s (short the date at 3 o’clock) and I’m a major devotee of that retro look. The Hecla and Leven are excessively prominent for my taste, however I appreciate their cautious tender loving care nonetheless. Each of the three models are named after British Royal Navy ships, with mine named after the HMS Endeavor, Captain Cook’s examination vessel from the 18th century.

Case and Design

The Endeavor’s steel pad case has a blend of brushed and cleaned components. The sides are cleaned to a mirror sparkle, while the top has a glossy silk brushed get done with a restricted cleaned ring encompassing a somewhat domed sapphire precious stone (with an enemy of intelligent covering on the underside). The cleaned ring is unpretentious and simple to miss and is an illustration of Farer’s predictable tender loving care. The case is 12.5mm thick, which I discover to be a decent equilibrium to the case’s distance across. The cleaned left half of the case is broad and conceivably defenseless against scratches, however that is only the idea of the monster. The Endeavor’s case has a light chamfer between the cleaned side and brushed top, with minimal material among that and the crystal.

The case has double screw-down crowns on the correct side, one at two o’clock and the other at four. This has been the overall arrangement for most Super Compressors of the past. A Farer custom is to have crowns made of strong bronze, which all of their watches has aside from the most current line. On the Endeavor, the crown at two o’clock is the bronze one and sets the time (and can likewise wind the development). The crown at 4 o’clock is steel and pivots the inward, unidirectional passed time bezel. Since this crown is every now and again utilized by jumpers, bronze was avoided.

Aesthetically speaking, I like the two-tone look and wouldn’t have favored both in bronze or steel. The crowns tighten from the case and have a knurled, cross-incubated design, suggestive of Super Compressors of yesteryear. The example proceeds onto the closures and Farer’s logo is engraved on the bronze crown. Some time ago, if those crowns weren’t safely screwed down, the watch would surely flood at profundity. The Endeavor exploits current plan and can go 100 meters down with the crowns unscrewed (yet I will not endeavor that). Screw them down and it can go an entire 300 meters down. This permits jumpers to change the interior bezel while submerged.


The back of the case is cleaned with a sapphire gem presentation window. In plain view is the pervasive and well-proven elaboré grade ETA 2824-2 non-date programmed development. I commend Farer for utilizing the more uncommon non-date over a standard rendition of the ETA. An annoyance of mine is a shrouded date work. It shouldn’t be there, it gives the crown an apparition setting and I simply realize that there’s a futile capacity covered inside my watch. The 25-gem development has been changed by Farer with a custom rotor with engraved waves. The ETA 2824-2 beats at 28,800 times each hour (4Hz), is changed in three positions (exact to inside seven seconds of the day – it’s evaluated at +/ – 12 seconds out of every day), has hours, minutes, seconds and stop second capacities, and a 38-hour power save. It’s a genuine workhorse and, with appropriate support, ought to give a long period of use.

Dial and Hands

The dial is matte dark with a glossy silk dark inner bezel. Steel lists and the number twelve are loaded up with off-white Super-LumiNova. The inward bezel’s moment markers (and 20-minute itemized scale) are engraved and loaded up with a more white shade of Super-LumiNova. That contrast between the off-white dial and white bezel is inconspicuous, yet again shows Farer’s consideration regarding detail.

The dial has a developed, exemplary plunge watch esthetic and will just post of spot with the most formal of outfits. The steel hour and split moment hands are loaded up with a mint-green shade of Super-LumiNova, which stands out pleasantly from the more white lume on the dial and bezel. The steel hand for the seconds is tipped with the Farer “A” logo that is likewise loaded up with mint-green Super-LumiNova. The Endeavor is, by a long shot, the most stifled watch in Farer’s whole collection.


The carry width is 20mm, which I feel is the ideal size for this case. Anything more extensive would’ve been a touch of tyrannical. Fitted with a dark elastic lash, Farer liberally remembers a steel arm band for the container. The common Italian elastic lash is comfortable and lovely. It has a clear furrowed plan and steel clasp. Straightforward and clean. In case you’re every now and again in the water, this is the tie for you. There’s likewise an instrument remembered for the crate that obstacles both spring bars at the same time, taking into consideration snappy tie change if plunging. Farer’s logo shows up on the lower part of the catch or on the buckle.


Micro-brands are springing up all over Europe, North America and even Australia. Many offer pleasant plans however the item is risked by cost-cutting penances, for example, Seagull developments from China and otherwise sketchy components. Farer is an alternate variety. It plans its watches in London, however they’re totally Swiss made with ETA developments. Its plans are intense, bright and unique, however never ludicrous or pompous. The brand has found some kind of harmony among perkiness and refinement. Exemplary and downplayed, the Farer Aqua Compressor Endeavourproves that the brand can show restriction when fundamental and has noteworthy reach with regards to plan. Farer has certainly got my attention.

All three Aqua Compressor models are evaluated at GBP 1,095 and are accessible straightforwardly from Farer’s site . They’re not actually modest yet are all around evaluated for what you’re getting. They additionally offer a five-year guarantee on all developments and 30-day return window.