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Fabienne Lupo, Chairwoman & Managing Director of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, about SIHH

Fabienne Lupo, Chairwoman & Managing Director of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, about SIHH

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The 29th release of the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) will before long be opening its entryways up for certain 35 brands equipping to divulge their most recent models. The Geneva-based occasion, which runs between January 14 to 17, is one of the two significant watch shows of the year – together with Baselworld. Similarly as the synchronization of the schedule of the two occasions has been reported , MONOCHROME talks with Fabienne Lupo, Chairwoman & Managing Director of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH) about what’s going on for SIHH and FHH.

The gossip had been around for quite a while, and many were expecting this, it is presently official, the SIHH and Baselworld will arrange their dates as of 2020.

It is a significant declaration and astounding news for the business. This is a reasonable and objective choice that arose of conversations with Baselworld. Our two occasions are complementary, this move is in light of a legitimate concern for all.

It implies that professionals of the watch business, press and customers won’t need to venture out twice to Switzerland in a brief timeframe. The schedules have been synchronized until 2024. We viewed the possible dates and late April, early May has been perceived as the most ideal alternative. There is the Motor show in Geneva in March and January was impractical in Basel either. Lastly, we are returning to what we had before 2009 when Baselworld and SIHH were synchronized.

After a fruitful 2018 version, what are the curiosities we can expect at SIHH 2019? What are the fundamental changes?

The SIHH 2019 will be a dense arrangement. It will be 4-day long rather than 5, yet with broadened hours. We will commence with a VIP introduction on Sunday night, a sneak review for chosen customers welcomed by the showing Maisons.

We welcome another Maison, Bovet. Bovet used to display at SIHH and the brand is presently back. We are extremely glad since this is a wonderful brand, laureate of the Aiguille d’Or at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève . With everything taken into account, there will be 35 showing brands much the same as last year.

What is and has been our principle center for as long as couple of years is to reshape SIHH in the current setting. SIHH is not, at this point simply a BtoB occasion, it has become a communication stage, a spot for meeting and sharing for professionals yet additionally for end customers.

The show will be available to the general population on Thursday from 3 pm to 10 pm, consequently with a late evening opening. There will be an expanded spotlight on SIHH Live that appeared a year ago. The desire is to make and convey content, offering the chance to brands to come and discuss their oddities, to arrange featured discussions with significant declarations for their community. Our Auditorium is fabricated much the same as a TV studio, taking into account live streaming. The thought is to converse with individuals going to SIHH yet in addition to contact individuals far past. We will likewise highlight various master converses with points according to the universe of watches, for example, the conveyance, informal communities, the twenty to thirty year olds or China.

Again, the thought is to contact individuals past SIHH, to draw in with watch fans, bring them content and help them further find and better comprehend Haute Horlogerie. This is actually a significant move, we are not, at this point just BtoB (which stays significant), and we target arriving at a way bigger audience.

The most recent curiosity for SIHH is the thing that we have named the “SIHH Lab” where we will grandstand computerized and innovative activities of showing brands. This will be the chance to discuss watches in an alternate manner. A watch reasonable today can not, at this point simply be stalls one close to one another with watches in showcase windows. We need to bring something different and this is how we have been doing a couple of years now.

What is the VIP debut on Sunday?

It will be a debut for chosen customers welcomed by the displaying Maisons. It will offer a sneak review for their best customers. There they will find the most recent oddities and the actual show before it is officially opened.

The news that Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille pull out of SIHH was a shock…

Well, we realized that they were addressing themselves on their participation, so that was not actually an astonishment. This choice was taken in rationality with their system to cut multi-brand retailers, as they may in any case consider SIHH to be a BtoB occasion just, when, as said previously, we are unmistakably bringing SIHH past this – more subtleties here .

Does this open the entryway for new exhibitors?

Yes, obviously. Nature loathes a vacuum. As brands leave the show, new ones are possibility to join SIHH. It is too soon however to declare anything.

Beyond Geneva, what are the designs to send out SIHH?

Today, the SIHH in Geneva is an overall occasion with this BtoB and BtoC measurement. The thought is to have a presence in various business sectors, with an organization that can’t be equivalent to in Switzerland. It should be diverse with the plan to invigorate and uphold retail. We need to discover places in fascinating urban communities on various continents.

With Watches and Wonders, we have a nearby watch week idea. In 2018, for the principal year, we coordinated Watches and Wonders in Miami, at the Design District. It has been an incredible accomplishment with more than 20,000 guests in 4 days. We had about 20 brands in 2018 and for 2019 we’ll have 30.

Brands are available with movements in their stores so they don’t have to assemble a corner. They present new manifestations, exceptional pieces, uncommon releases, watches from their exhibition hall or grandstand their savoir-faire. As the coordinator, the FHH brings a common social measurement: gatherings, watchmaking inception workshops, thematic displays, exercises for youngsters… We are likewise teaming up with two other significant Miami occasions, the Yacht Show and the Miami (Classic Car) Concours. This is a ‘Extravagance week’ in Miami with these four days in February.

We are looking to coordinate something comparable in Asia. Where? It has not been chosen yet.

Beyond SIHH, what are the missions of the FHH?

The mission of FHH is to advance the qualities, the way of life and the savoir-faire of Haute Horlogerie worldwide and at last to make watchmaking more alluring. We do as such through data and training.

Information can be imparted to shows, meetings, our site, our online magazine or the work we are doing with schools. There is additionally this significant venture we have named HH Trends. With it, the FHH acts like a pattern agency, giving a knowledge into the significant patterns we have distinguished, to help and guide end customers. The thought is to give data and direction to all individuals keen on Haute Horlogerie.

The second mission is preparing. We have made the FHH Academy, a school to prepare and affirm sales reps from multi-brand retailers or brand stores. Today, we have prepared near 15,000 people around the world, we have other 50 customers with whom we work. Almost 4,000 individuals have been certified.

Last, we have dispatched an application called Watch Live. This e-learning apparatus permits deals partners to prepare while at work and follow watch news. They can get familiar with an assortment of themes in an energetic manner with remunerations and motivators, through 3 functionalities: learn, play and follow. It is operational for the 8 watchmaking Maisons of Richemont yet these will be joined by a few other FHH-part marks. With a solitary application, deals partners can approach all the preparation materials of the multitude of brands retailed in their place of sale.

More subtleties at and .