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Doxa SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung – the Second and Final Batch

Doxa SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung – the Second and Final Batch


An symbol among icons… This is the way we would summarize the Doxa SUB300. As of late, the brand has resuscitated its most unbelievable model in various versions, beginning with a right around 1-to-1 re-release for the 50th commemoration , followed by explicit “Aqualung” marked models in orange , silver or black – the purported “Sharkhunter”. Nonetheless, there was one significant issue with them: they were all exceptionally restricted and immediately sold out. Today, Doxa reports the second and last clump of 100 pieces for the SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung… So you’d should be fast!

The Doxa SUB300

The idea of jump watches, as a professional instrument, just showed up in the mid 1950s, with the dispatch of the 1953 Blancpain Fifty Fathoms  and the 1953 Rolex Submariner later followed by Omega with the 1957 Seamaster 300 and Seiko with the 62Mas. Doxa went ahead the market later however, in spite of the fact that when it did, it was with a watch that would make very much an impression.

Urs Eschle, one of the heads of Doxa in those days, concluded that the brand needed to build up its own vision of a jump watch, a piece that would before long be known as the SUB-300. He chose to begin without any preparation rather than duplicating other fabricates, so he set up an exploration group with a few professional jumpers and experienced watchmakers. The Doxa Sub was acquainted with the general population at Baselworld, in spring 1966 – see our article Historical Perspective – The Doxa Sub 300, The Dive Watch Personified .

The 1966 Doxa SUB-300 presented another case plan, a tempered steel tonneau case with upgraded insurance. The second inventive element was the bezel. Doxa concocted a sawtooth-edge plan for ideal grasp with gloves or wet hands, and a unidirectional pivoting bezel that took after the US Navy No-decompression jump table. In such a manner, the jumper could see initially time markings as well as the connected profundities at which he could remain prior to having to decompress.

Then came the “Aqua-Lung” association. “Water Lung” alludes to a commercial name made in 1943, when two Frenchmen, engineer Émile Gagnan and Naval Lieutenant Jacques Cousteau, built up the principal framework to make submerged investigation conceivable. This gadget, an independent submerged breathing contraption (or “SCUBA”) is currently commonly alluded to as a plunging controller or request valve. After Doxa dispatched its first plunge watch, it collaborated with Aqua-Lung to make an uncommon model, the Doxa SUB-300 “Black Lung”. This watch, bearing all the credits of the SUB-300, contrasted from the ordinary release by its yellow and black Aqua-Lung logo imprinted in the lower left quadrant of the dial.

The 2nd and last group of SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung

After the successful  2016 sold-out 50th Anniversary SUB 300 Professional , Doxa once again introduced the “Aqua-Lung” watches, first with the famous orange dial , followed by the Silver Lung watch and the black, professional “Sharkhunter” model. The primary group of watches was sold out quicker than you could envision, however today there’s one final opportunity to get your hands on one.

The SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung takes all the credits of the 50th-commemoration model, which means a historically pertinent 42mm case in steel with the mark unidirectional turning bezel with ‘No Deco’ etchings. The case is topped by a plexi-like twofold domed sapphire gem and highlights a strong steel caseback for 300m water-resistance.

The dial is likewise a re-version of the memorable models, with comparable marking and hands, just as the notable black and yellow Aqualung logo printed at 7 o’clock. For this particular model, the Sharkhunter Black Lung, the dial is black with white hands and lists. Inside the case is a COSC-guaranteed programmed ETA 2824-2 development. The watch is worn on the cool and comfortable BOR “Bead of Rice” wristband (again a reissue of past models) with plunging extension.

The Doxa SUB300 Sharkhunter Black Lung is presently offered in a second and last clump of 100 pieces, valued at USD 2,490. Delivery will begin as of July 28th, 2019. This is your last opportunity to procure this cool, greatly planned current watch motivated by a historically significant watch. You can get your model here .