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DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition”

DOXA SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition”

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Doxa is a watch brand that is for the most part known to ‘those in the know’. Jump watch aficionados for example. The brand is most popular for the orange-dial jump watches they made in the 1960’s and 1970’s when scuba plunging turned into a mainstream sport. We’re talking about the notorious (and I’m not misrepresenting) Doxa Sub 300T. In the previous years, Doxa has reproduced a few exceptionally collectable pieces from the 1960’s and 1970’s, similar to the Sub 300 50th Anniversary and the  Sub 300 Black Lung . What’s more, presently there’s another entertainment of an old and exceptionally collectable Doxa, again one that gatherers will arrange for. Here’s the Sub 300T Divingstar ‘Poseidon Edition’. 

For successive MONOCHROME perusers, it will come as nothing unexpected that I’m a major aficionado of the brand, their story and this, in my eyes, dazzling jump watch. A few years prior we distributed this Historical Perspective , giving an intensive outline of the set of experiences and watches from the brand.

While Doxa is chiefly known for the orange dial SUB 300T that was presented in 1967, it’s critical to take note of that there were other forms too. These included the equivalent tonneau-molded case and dab of rice bracelet, be that as it may, with various dial tones. A dark dial rendition, for example, was named Shark Hunter, and a silver dial adaptation was the Searambler. Also, there was a short-lived form with a brilliant yellow dial, known as the Divingstar.

Back in the day, Doxa likewise made a few arrangement of SUB’s together with notable companies or associations identified with the universe of jumping, and the Swedish plunge hardware company Poseidon was one of them. In the event that you’re looking for a vintage Doxa SUB you may discover one with the Poseidon logo on the left lower side of the dial, yet these are incredibly uncommon. Not to mention finding a yellow dial (and along these lines Divingstar) SUB 300 with this logo. The new SUB 300T is a careful diversion of the first pre-Synchron period Doxa SUB 300T, with practically indistinguishable case dimensions.

While the old and new SUB 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition” look very similar, there are obviously some distinction. Be that as it may, contrasts to improve things! The precious stone is presently a sapphire gem and consequently considerably more scratch-safe, the development is the attempted tried ETA 2824-2, and to wrap things up the profundity rate is currently 1,200 meters of water obstruction, multiple times that of the first SUB 300! Obviously there’s no tritium on all fours markers, yet solid brilliant Super-LumiNova. The steel wristband, still the old dot of rice style, is of a substantially more strong quality than that old shaking arm band from the 1960’s. Thus on… everything is refreshed with present day advances, however the looks, style and legacy are 100% Doxa SUB.

One last element that merits some consideration, is the helium get away from valve on the left case flank. This is an element that will stay unused for essentially all sporting jumpers and work area jumpers, as it’s planned for jumpers who need to spend longer periods in submerged environments like a plunging ringer. The explanation behind featuring this (for most) pretty futile element, is that, thinking back to the 1960’s Doxa was the principal brand to offer it freely on a watch.

The Doxa 300T Divingstar “Poseidon Edition” is a restricted release of 500 pieces. Retail cost is USD 2,490 and it’s accessible only from