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Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ Reissue

Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ Reissue

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In 2017, Doxa presented the SUB 300 ‘Black Lung’ , a reissue of an uncommon 1967 model, a notable watch among the jumping community made for Aqua-Lung. Lamentably for a few (and fortunately for Doxa), this restricted release was the fastest-selling model of the brand ever… Today, there’s one more opportunity to get your hands on another super cool form, this time in the long-running mark Silver ‘Searambler’ style. Meet the Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ Reissue – and once more, you should be fast.

Historical Background

Doxa, a free Swiss watchmaker, entered the round of the professional/reason constructed jump observe later than a large number of its competitors – 1953 for Blanpain and Rolex, 1957 for Omega, and 1962 for Seiko. Notwithstanding, Doxa did it with a watch that would establish a serious connection: the SUB 300. While the majority of the competitors replicated each other with watches that were clearly rather close as far as specialized arrangements and style, Urs Eschle (one of the managers of Doxa Watches) chose to begin without any preparation. He set up an exploration group composed of a few professional jumpers and experienced watchmakers to develop an reasonable games plunge watch for recreation and professional jumpers; a dependable, comfortable, reason constructed and exceptionally decipherable piece of equipment.

The Doxa Sub was acquainted with the general population at Baselworld, in spring 1966 – see our article Historical Perspective – The Doxa Sub 300, The Dive Watch Personified . It featured a new case plan – a monstrous tempered steel tonneau case for upgraded security – just as an orange dial (a signature element of the brand) and a saw-tooth profile for the unidirectional bezel, which resembled the US Navy No-Decompression jump table. Initially, the jumper could counsel the time markings just as the connected profundities at which he could remain prior to having to decompress.

In 1967 came the “Black Lung” watch, made with Aqua-Lung – ‘Aqua-Lung’ alludes to a commercial name made in 1943, when two Frenchmen, engineer Émile Gagnan and Naval Lieutenant Jacques Cousteau built up the main independent submerged breathing contraption (or “SCUBA”) for submerged investigation. Doxa collaborated with Aqua-Lung to make this uncommon model, which highlighted all the ascribes of the SUB-300 yet varied from the typical version by its yellow and dark Aqua-Lung logo imprinted in the lower left quadrant of the orange dial. This notorious and historically significant watch had been reissued in 2017 of every a restricted run of 300 pieces in particular (which was sold-out amazingly fast), following the successful  2016 sold-out 50th Anniversary SUB 300 Professional .

Today, Doxa brings back the ‘Aqua-Lung’ themed watch, this time in another (and still notorious) silver shading plan, and again in a restricted run of watches that you can hope to be sold-out in a wink.

The Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’

This year, Doxa brings back a similar idea of the ‘Aqua-Lung’ themed watch in another variant with a silver dial, a shading plan that is notable by authorities under the name Searambler. In Doxa’s terminology, orange watches are known as ‘Professional’, dark watches as ‘Sharkhunter’ and the silver forms as ‘Searambler’. In 1967, other than the orange dial form (surely the most popular model), Doxa likewise made some silver versions of the SUB 300 in association with Aqua-Lung.

This new Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is, other than the shade of its dial, completely equivalent to the 2017 orange rendition – which essentially implies that it is a genuine vintage-enlivened re-release with not many concessions to innovation. As we clarified in our review of the orange ‘Black Lung’, it a Doxa watch profoundly. Everything is here: the state of the case, the solidness of the development, the bezel with its particular scale, the wristband and, obviously, the dial with the Aqua-Lung logo.

The case is a single square of tempered steel with vigorous subtleties – enormous shoulders and an entirely ensured crown – to watch the development. Utilitarian indeed. Measuring 42.5mm in breadth and 12.4mm thick, the Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ feels more compact on the wrist than you could anticipate from these estimations. The completing is traditional, with an outspread brushed surface on top and cleaned flanks. The development is not kidding and made in light of professional use. The case is connected to a vintage-propelled “dabs of rice” arm band, which tightens to a coordinated wetsuit expansion. Despite the fact that indistinguishable in style to the 1960s form, this arm band is undeniably more strong now and marginally thicker (strong connections), yet flexible and comfortable.

The instance of the Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is water-impervious to 300m, because of the screwed crown and caseback. The bezel is likewise a tribute to the past, with its particular shape – and the one of a kind, somewhat lopsided proportion between the enormous width of the case and the little distance across of the dial. It includes an engraved twofold scale for (no-deco) feet on the fringe and an hour long scale on the inside side. The rugged saw-tooth profile is available and takes into account an ideal grasp. The bezel has a twofold completing, with cleaned and brushed surfaces.

The primary distinction between the 2017 orange rendition and this 2018 SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is, obviously, to be seen on the dial. Here, the decision of a brushed silver dial has been made, regarding vintage ‘Searambler’ watches. Despite the fact that it is a somewhat unordinary decision for a plunge watch (normally in dark), difference and intelligibility are as yet extraordinary. Furthermore, the monochromatic look of this adaptation is in reality exceptionally cool and adds to the device like style.

Positioned under a profoundly domed sapphire gem, the hands are marginally unique – dark for the hours however orange for the seconds and the minutes, which are central signs when plunging. The Aqua-Lung logo is imprinted in dark and yellow at 7h30 (while vintage forms normally had a dark just logo). The Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is fueled by a chronometer COSC-grade ETA 2824-2 programmed type, with H-M-S and date at 3 o’clock (the vintage model previously included a date, so no ‘no-date debate’ here).

The Doxa SUB 300 Searambler ‘Silver Lung’ is restricted to 300 pieces. It can be pre-requested solely from at a cost of USD 2,190 rather than the customary cost of USD 2,590 and will be dispatched in August this year. With a particularly restricted creation, fans will be hot closely following this new form, so be quick in the event that you need to add this watch to your collection.