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Discover the future of horology at the AuroChronos Festival in Poland

Discover the future of horology at the AuroChronos Festival in Poland


Great news for our Polish perusers (and those nearby enough to go there)! Indeed, Poland watch sweethearts, we know you’re there. Also, we’re here for you with a declaration which may intrigue you. Through the watch grapevine, we heard the information on the third version of a watch celebration in Poland. What’s more, it’s unquestionably not simply one more social affair of sales reps; it’ll be a pleasant gathering with probably the best autonomous brands and many watch lovers.

The name of the celebration is AuroChronos and it will be held at the Expo-Łódź in Lodz, on October 5 and 6. This is the third time this occasion happens and it’s been developing each year. The objective of the celebration is to share the affection for fine and free watchmaking. Nearby makers will go to the occasion, similarly as numerous free watchmaking brands from around the globe. During the celebration, participants will actually want to find out about the sources and improvement of exceptional watches and their makers.

Watchmaking educator and jury part Kalle Slaap adds: “A efficient composition of promising microbrands. Find the future in horology here first!

According to Dutch watchmaker Michiel Holthinrichs: “Aurochronos has a novel vibe because of its astonishing area, energetic coordinators and devoted free watchmakers joining in. It is totally an upcoming celebration with enormous potential and alleviation compared to vigorously promoted and bombastic yet declining events.”

The fun thing about this celebration is that it’s really coordinated with a philosophical objective. The coordinators clarify their thought processes as such a remedy to the huge, commercial watch fairs. “The universe of wristwatches has been overwhelmed by huge capital gatherings of the watch business for a long time,” they compose on their site. “We regard these brands and respect their accomplishments. We see, notwithstanding, that excellence lies subjective depending on each person’s preferences and therefore it is for all intents and purposes difficult to take into account the necessities and tastes of all customers with widespread arrangements on a huge scale.”

Now, if that isn’t sharing the affection for a decent aim, we don’t have the foggiest idea what is. Thus, please, in the event that you live in Poland or in movement distance from Lodz, and love watches – share this affection with us!

Oh, and before it slips we’s mind, here are a couple of our number one brands that you will actually want to meet at the AuroChronos celebration: Anonimo , Arnold & Son , Brellum , Dijkman Watches , Eza Automatic , Giuliano Mazzuoli , Holthinrichs Watches , Kneijnsberg & Van Eijk , Laventure and Michiel Hulsman .

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