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Citizen Unveils its New Eco-Drive Caliber 0100 with +/- 1 Second Per Year Precision

Citizen Unveils its New Eco-Drive Caliber 0100 with +/- 1 Second Per Year Precision


Citizen was established in 1918 and to celebrate its 100th anniversary the Japanese manufacturer divulges 3 restricted version watches named after its new Caliber 0100. Based on Citizen’s Eco-Drive innovation, this new development conveys a noteworthy exactness of +/ – 1 second out of each year, making it the most accurate autonomous light-fueled wristwatch. And while we don’t usually cover quartz watches on MONOCHROME, this new improvement is clearly driving quartz into new territories.

The Citizen Eco-Drive idea utilizes light as a wellspring of force. Changing over light into power, your watch is permanently charged by openness to light – in addition, your 0100 watch can run for about a half year on a full charge without the presence of a light source! Thusly, it addresses the main shortcoming of quartz watches: short battery life, with the burden of having to replace these on a regular basis and the environmental issue of battery disposal.

The new Caliber 0100 is regulated by an AT-cut sort crystal oscillator rather than a traditional tuning fork crystal oscillator. AT-cut crystal oscillators vibrate at the great recurrence of 8,388,608 Hz compared to the traditional 32,768 Hz resonators utilized for standard quartz developments – consequently, multiple times faster than a classic quartz development and two or three millions time faster than a mechanical watch. These AT-cut crystal oscillators also offer greater stability, greater resistance to temperature changes and are less affected by gravity.

If AT-slice crystals require more energy to operate, this has been compensated by an upgraded development plan and carefully chose materials. In addition, the Caliber 0100 consistently screens and adjusts for recurrence and temperature moves once consistently. Another circuit configuration gives anti-magnetic insurance and enhanced stun resistance as it automatically rectifies the situation of the watch hands. Last however not least, the utilization of LIGA innovation to manufacture high-exactness springs and gears enables the hands to align consummately with the indices.

The great coming about accuracy is set at +/ – 1 second of the year, which is multiple times more exact than a standard quartz development (which is about 15 seconds of the month) and, obviously, far more exact than any mechanical watch.

To launch this new development, Citizen discloses three restricted version watches displaying remarkable attention to detail and characterized by the understated elegance of its plan. Measuring 37.5mm in diameter, the round case has a slim inclining bezel and dynamic drags. The facetted crown features the ‘crystal’ motif.

Limited to 100 watches, the first of these watches is made from white gold. Its ivory-hued dial features stick hour markers paired with elegant facetted hands. The dial’s arched form and the marginally twisted tip of the second hand are decent details. The vast majority of quartz watches have a shut caseback, just because they utilize a cheap, standard development. In this instance, the presentation caseback reveals the Caliber 0100 featuring a dark, ruthenium-plated, striped completion. The watch’s elegant style is completed with a black crocodile leather strap.

Based on similar case plan, the two other restricted version watches come in extreme, lightweight super (titanium with a hardening surface treatment). The first (restricted to 500 watches) features a metallic black dial. The second one (restricted to 200 watches) features a mother-of-pearl dial. These are worn on a too adaptable seven-column steel bracelet.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Caliber 0100 watches are relied upon to launch this fall. Cost is set at USD 16,800 for the white gold form and USD 7,400 for the super-titanium variants. For more information, please visit .