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Chopin Op. 10 No. 12 Timepiece and the Launch of a New Polish Brand (Live Pics)

Chopin Op. 10 No. 12 Timepiece and the Launch of a New Polish Brand (Live Pics)


This evening, in the Fryderyk Chopin Institute of Warsaw, a new brand made in honor of the popular Polish piano player makes its introduction. The juvenile brand – Chopin Watches – will divulge a 56-piece restricted release watch planned by Antoine Tschumi and made by the trustworthy free Swiss watch fabricate, Schwarz Etienne. Enlivened by the composer’s étude in C Minor Opus 10 No.12 (otherwise known as Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude) the watch includes various references and emblematic inferences to the piano player’s life and his help of the Polish Uprising of 1830.

Polish Heritage and background

Michal Dunin, Polish business person and CEO of Blonie Watches , and his accomplice Maciej Maslak are the men behind the new Chopin Watches brand. Their experience in watches began in 2012 when Dunin and Maslak chose to revive the notable Polish Blonie watch company. Today the brand produces models that behold back to the brand’s prime between 1958-1968 just as pilot watches commemorating the courageous Polish pilots of Squadron 302 shaped in England during WWII.

The Chopin project got in progress in 2015 and spins around the goliath figure of Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849), Poland’s most observed Romantic piano player and public saint. An overwhelming undertaking in any way shape or form, the new brand, known just as Chopin, will honor the memory of “probably the best fortune of Polish culture” with a restricted version watch, the Chopin Op. 10 No. 12 timepiece.

Associating an item with the name of a popular composer isn’t new to the watch world and the affinities between the two universes –   innovativeness, composition, accuracy and mechanical flawlessness – are predictable. In any case, how can one approach refining the pith of a virtuoso musician of the Romantic period in a watch?

Official backing and trustworthy suppliers

Legitimacy was critical to the undertaking and Dunin’s group has acquired a selective permit from the Fryderyk Chopin Institute ( NIFC ) to utilize the composer’s name and produce a restricted version run of 56 watches in 2019. As a public social resource, Chopin’s heritage is advanced and secured (as shows, gatherings, courses, distributions, and as the scene of the lofty International Chopin Piano Competition, and so forth) under the support of this Institute set up in 2001 by the Polish parliament.

Speaking to Michal Dunin only in front of the dispatch, he clarified that the Institute encouraged them select the most fitting work for their task recommending the watch be developed around the étude in C Minor Opus 10, No.12, otherwise called the Revolutionary Étude. The Institute, he added, likewise encouraged admittance to the exhibition hall to analyze individual things of the composer, including a pocket watch given to Chopin by Angelica Catalani in 1820, and letters from 1831 of the musician in light of the bombed Polish Uprising.

Having got authorization and settled upon a theme, the following stage was to make a watch. Antoine Tschumi, originator of the Swiss plan studio NeoDesis , and Schwarz Etienne the Swiss watchmaker were picked as accomplices for the undertaking. In the course of recent years, Antoine Tschumi has upheld the absolute greatest names in watchmaking – Greubel Forsey, Harry Winston Opus, Czapek and Schwarz Etienne, explicitly with the idea driving the Roswell watch. Schwarz Etienne, as our perusers of MONOCHROME know, is a free Swiss watch brand renowned for its dynamic, hilter kilter openworked compositions and significant degree of vertical joining on the creation front. With just a little portfolio, Schwarz Etienne watches are innovative and flawlessly constructed

Symbolic references

The Chopin Op. 10 No. 12 is introduced in a 43mm treated steel case, something that comes as somewhat of an unexpected given the profoundly selective nature of this watch. Albeit the case stature isn’t referenced, this is in no way, shape or form a super dainty watch. The completions are charming with cleaned and differentiating silk brushed surfaces all through. The two groups of befuddled (or tapisserie) etchings on the sides of the case were straightforwardly enlivened by the guilloché design on the pocket watch talented to the 10-year-old wonder by Angelica Catalani in 1820.

Schwarz Etienne’s trademark openworked dial uncovers a complicated phase of covering sandblasted scaffolds and parts of the manual-winding development. The watch, with its hour, minute, little seconds and force hold pointer is an uncommon blend of contemporary engineering with conventional components, similar to the blued Breguet-style hands (which would have been popular during Chopin’s lifetime) and the plaque bearing Chopin’s mark at 12 o’clock.

There are just two numerals at 10 and 12 o’clock, an immediate reference to Chopin’s étude, the remainder of the markers (all blue) are applied cudgel style set on a raised part ring that looks somewhat like the seats of an amphitheater. A huge space in the ring, somewhere in the range of 8 and 11 o’clock, has been cut to accommodate another reference to the musician as a piano console, thusly bending over as the force save indicator.

The inside of the little seconds counter bears the name of the opus that motivated the watch and the year 1831.  Behind the counter, an edge of brilliant red carnelian stone looks out, a reference to the (bleeding) November Uprising and Chopin’s heart securely concealed in a column at the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw.

The red heart in the movement

Having an openwork dial implies restricted surface zones yet since Chopin (brand) needed to incorporate more references to the craftsman’s life, the caseback and development give another material. The 96-hour power save created by the two barrels is an immediate reference to the 96th commemoration of Chopin’s passing when his heart was covered in the church.

The highest barrel is engraved with one of Chopin’s aphorisms “Time is the best control and persistence the absolute best of educators”, while the lower barrel highlights seven key dates in his short life. The hand-slanted scaffolds are engraved with removes from Chopin’s compositions offering voice to his dissatisfactions following the disappointment of the Uprising, and the core of the watch, the equilibrium wheel, is a dark red tone. Making a red equilibrium wheel was a test for Schwarz Etienne’s watchmakers however will become the distinctive element of future Chopin brand watches.

The manual-winding development – Schwarz Etienne type MSE 210 – highlights the brand’s in-house balance haggle (without the SE initials). In light of the MSE 100.00 type, the main development and foundation of Schwarz Etienne’s particular development idea, it highlights two barrels in corresponding to guarantee a force save of 96 hours and beats at a recurrence of 3 Hz.

Availability and Price

As referenced, the Chopin Op. 10 No.12 watch is a restricted release of 56 pieces and will be accessible to purchase online by means of a committed site: . The watch will retail for CHF 14,500 or EUR 12,750.