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Certina DS1 celebrates 60 years of DS in style

Certina DS1 celebrates 60 years of DS in style


The DS Concept set Certina up for life and was a big advance forward in making Swiss watches more dependable and water-safe while keeping up reasonable costs. Since the framework is praising its 60th birthday celebration, a commemorative watch is dispatched. Meet the new Certina DS1 Big Date 60th Anniversary and its combination of style, great mechanics and affordability.


Nowadays, a stun and water-safe watch doesn’t actually solid like anything exceptional. In our time of cutting edge solidified bezels, helium get away from valves, thermo-compensated developments, 1000-hour-tests, against attractive departure wheels, soft iron inward cases and 10,000 Vickers durability, overengineering has become a standard rather than an exception.

But things were totally different sixty years prior, when Incabloc was for all intents and purposes the lone great safeguard available, and still moderately scant. Water-opposition was a significantly bigger issue. So when Certina presented its DS (Double Security) framework in 1959, the company regarded its name that was gotten from the Latin word Certus, signifying ‘certain’. It put Certina on the wrist of watch wearing explorers and established the company’s standing for jump watches.

This Double Security Concept has been updated commonly since, yet the pith has consistently remained the equivalent. It really has similar qualities as those of an ETA 2428 development: shrewd in its straightforwardness and entirely dependable simultaneously. It comprises of five fundamental viewpoints: a sapphire gem, an O-ring on the setting stem, two O-ring seals on the crown, a unique seal in the caseback and a supported caseback. The effortlessness of the idea ensures the watches are moderate, and the power ensures the developments in Certina watches have been protected since 1959. Also, that is a significant accomplishment, albeit this brand is excessively downplayed to yell that for all to hear. Certina has never been a brand to make a ton of noise.

Certina DS1 Big Date 60th Anniversary

Instead, Certina commends the birthday of the DS Concept in a commonly downplayed style. The Certina DS-1 Big Date 60th Anniversary piece is really moderate: EUR 925. What’s more, that is an extraordinary cost for a beautiful, strong and dependable watch. Since other than being strong and generally modest, this watch really looks great as well.

The company from Grenchen truly shows that section level watches can establish a connection. The dégradé dial was given a pleasant Certina-green tone and a sunburst finish that adds profundity and a powerful appearance. The gathering piece likewise comes outfitted with a steel Milanese tie, which, as we as a whole know, is the decision for the one who dares to go for a smidgen more glimmer. The steel case estimates 41mm in width and is water-impervious to 100m/10 bar.

The motor of this watch is the Powermatic development, the advanced Swatch Group workhorse with a force hold as long as 80 hours. This development is produced for various Swatch Group brands by ETA and can be viewed as a completely evolved rendition of the ETA 2824 ébauche. There are diverse Powermatic types, some of them chronometer affirmed. This one isn’t, however essentially on the grounds that Certina purposefully needed to keep the cost as low as could be expected. Sending it to COSC would primarily add a premium to the cost, not really more precision. The type utilized in this DS1 is the Powermatic 80.651, which hasn’t been utilized before.

For this unique festival, the development is furnished with a big date at 6 o’clock. Yet, more significantly, it has another, super present day heart. Interestingly, this type is fitted with another sort of equilibrium spring produced using Nivachron. This imaginative material was created by the Swatch Group and Audemars Piguet together and was first utilized in the Swatch Flymagic, presented recently . The primary target of Nivachron is to improve protection from attractive fields bringing about better precision. Moreover, on the grounds that this material depends on titanium, the Swiss Made equilibrium spring is likewise profoundly impervious to vacillations in temperature and shows great stun obstruction. Obviously, the watch has the wide range of various highlights from the DS idea as well.

In all, Certina commends the anniversary of its particular idea in a downplayed, yet insightful way. What’s more, that is extremely fitting for a brand that has been in consistent activity since its establishment in 1888. Certina has never been the most forceful or the most blunt watch brand; it has consistently picked the way of development, not unrest, pitching its items at sensible costs. This new piece shows that character in a delightfully downplayed way. The DS1 60th Anniversary version is the ideal piece that makes individuals experience passionate feelings for watches – and try to an assortment in 60 years’ time.

The Certina DS1 Big Date 60th Anniversary will be evaluated at EUR 925. More subtleties at .