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Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Omega name with Jubilee Watches – Special De Ville Trésor and Reborn Original Calibre 19-ligne

Celebrating the 125th Anniversary of the Omega name with Jubilee Watches – Special De Ville Trésor and Reborn Original Calibre 19-ligne

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125 years prior, a Swiss watch produce began to utilize its commercial name and got perhaps the most famous, generally pursued names in the business. Not another brand in essence, this watch make took its name from its significant development, a 19-ligne hand-wound type fitted in pocket watches: the Caliber Omega. As you’ve speculated, the name Omega commends its 125th anniversary today, and the brand has a long list of motivations to celebrate.

A brand named after its significant movement

Today marks the 125th anniversary of the name Omega yet not of the manufacture itself. Omega was set up on the underlying foundations of the Louis Brandt make, founded by Mr Brandt in 1848. At that time, the business existed distinctly as a little workshop, opened by the youthful watchmaker Louis Brandt in the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Brandt immediately acquired a standing for his exact and solid movements. After Louis Brandt’s death in 1879, his two children – Louis-Paul and César – assumed control over the family business.

One of the primary achievements throughout the entire existence of the brand came in 1894 when the Brandt brothers delivered their new development, known as the 19-ligne type – a ligne is an ancient unit of length that was first presented in France and was widely utilized in the Swiss Watchmaking industry and relates to 2.26mm.

Marking a gigantic jump forward, the 19-ligne type was created in arrangement utilizing progressive new strategies and it in a split second set another norm in watchmaking. It was amazingly precise, however every component could be supplanted without change by any watchmaker on the planet. The culminated combination of winding and time-setting by means of the stem and crown was likewise groundbreaking is still widely utilized today. The brothers gave this 19-ligne development the name “Omega”.

The accomplishment of the 19-ligne “Omega” type was extraordinary to the point that the brothers in the long run changed the name of their whole company to OMEGA Watch Co. in 1903. By then, OMEGA had become the biggest producer of completed watches in Switzerland.

The 19-ligne Caliber “Omega”

The 19-ligne type Omega brought progressive components into watchmaking. For instance, it culminated a strategy for winding your pocket watch and setting the time by just utilizing the crown. This framework was licensed by the company on 1 August 1894 and turned into a genuine progress. The genuine accomplishment with this development was, in any case, to be found in the creation process.

For the first run through, the watchmakers utilized a “industrial scale” creation line. This was divided into segments, where every component was created to exact details. This implied that all the parts were compatible, making the get together of the developments substantially more smoothed out and effective. The idea was reformist to the point that it was before long embraced by the whole Swiss watch industry. Until the approach of the 19-ligne type, the majority of the developments delivered were outfitted with reason constructed parts, with their components changed by the others. The 19-ligne type Omega presented normalization of the parts.

The achievement of the 19-ligne type drove OMEGA higher than ever of value and creation. Truth be told, it rose from this accomplishment to become Switzerland’s biggest producer of completed watches by 1903. The creation of the 19-ligne type Omega ended in 1923, notwithstanding, the creation measures remained and Omega turned into the brilliant maker we know today.

The renewed 19-ligne Caliber Omega

Along with the Jubilee assortment, the brand has reported the recovery of the 19-ligne type Omega. A comparable idea was utilized by Omega in July 2018 with the renewed introduction of the  First Omega Wrist Chronograph Reissue and its type Omega 3018 (in view of restored recorded type 18″ CHRO). Today, Omega plunges into its files and brings the renovated, recorded type 19-ligne back to life.

Although the creation of the Omega type halted in 1923, the last components in stock were put away for very nearly a century. Now, in 2019, those components have been recovered from the vaults of the Omega Museum in Bienne and will be utilized by the watchmakers in Omega’s Atelier Tourbillon to reproduce 19 new developments. The entirety of the extensions, primary plates, escapements and bimetallic equilibrium springs will be unique 19-ligne components and will give the types a genuinely authentic taste.

Omega hasn’t just revamped the development, it has modernized it also. New components will be introduced, like the barrel, fountainhead and a few screws. The chatons and ruby stones will be reproduced and the whole stuff train will be recalculated to meet modern standards. As well as this, the development will be fitted with an inventive Swiss hand-setting framework. This will be the principal such framework in the 19-ligne calibre.

To remain truly reliable, these new-old 19-ligne type Omegas will be adorned with a “damaskeening” decoration – much the same as a portion of the old developments. The example will follow a style previously utilized by Omega in the soonest long periods of the twentieth century.

Where will these developments be housed? These repaired, historical Calibres Omega will be encased with a crown at 3 o’clock and will be set inside another half tracker pocket watch. No official photographs of these pocket watches have been delivered at this point, with the exception of the one you can see above.

The Omega De Ville Trésor 125th Anniversary edition

In expansion to these 19-ligne types, Omega is likewise disclosing another model for the event of the 125th anniversary of the name Omega. This watch depends on the rich and tactful De Ville Trésor , dispatched at Baselworld 2014 – a re-edition of a 1940’s watch created by Omega.

While the general style of the De Ville Trésor stays unblemished – with a similar 40mm gold case and show – the 125th Anniversary Edition of this watch presents a few curiosities and extraordinary contacts. The case is created in 18k yellow gold yet the most striking part is the red finish dial – a first for Omega. This tone is roused by the notable shade of the brand and is coordinated with a burgundy leather lash with tone-on-tone stitching.

The dynamic red lacquer is applied by hand on the domed dial, just like the domed gold indexes. The caseback likewise uncovers its dose of curiosities, with an exceptional caseback in lieu of the sapphire precious stone. Omega denotes the 125th anniversary of its name with an uncommon 18K yellow gold emblem that is loaded up with red lacquer. Encompassing the emblem is the decorative etching known as damaskeening – a similar decorative example utilized on the refurbished, historical Calibres Omega.

Finally, inside the case is another development. The De Ville Trésor was at that point outfitted with a previous age hand-wound development – which means not Master Chronometer appraised. The Omega De Ville Trésor 125th Anniversary Edition initiates the calibre 8929, the first manual-winding Master Chronometer development made by the brand. This twin-barrel type includes all the most recent developments of the brand, which means against attractive parts (to withstand up to 15,000 gausses), the mark co-hub escapement, progressed exactness, and a 5-year guarantee. The reference for this piece is 435.

More details about these two new pieces will trail the occasion Omega is facilitating around evening time. More data at .