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Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec Black – A First Class GMT Watch for Today’s Globetrotter

Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec Black – A First Class GMT Watch for Today’s Globetrotter

Perfect Replica

The TravelTec is one of only a handful few watches in the business whose name really coordinates its functions: an exceptionally specialized travel watch. Carl F. Bucherer’s Patravi TravelTec raised the stakes in the GMT field when it was presented in 2005 with a development equipped for showing three time regions combined with a chronograph. Presently the globetrotting star of the Patravi assortment, the TravelTec has adjusted to the changing display of materials and furthermore comes in this smooth matte black adaptation with a coordinated elastic tie. Albeit the architects may have had secrecy esthetics as a main priority with the dull DLC finish, this multi-reason 46.6mm piece won’t fly under the radar. Enriched with brawns and minds, the powerful manly instance of the TravelTec Black houses CFB’s programmed chronograph movement.

Born to travel

Like a costly polycarbonate bag that arises on the gear carrousel in perfect condition, the scratch-safe black DLC covering of the Patravi can take a ton of mileage and still look incredible. Applied in various stages, the wafer-slight jewel like precious stone carbon isn’t just scratch-resistant but likewise profoundly stun retentive shielding the system from unplanned blows – or indiscreet stuff overseers. The first impression of the TravelTec case is its liberal breadth and consoling weight. Notwithstanding the noteworthy components of the hardened steel case – estimating 46.6mm in width and 15.5mm thick – the effect of the matte black DLC loans the watch a contemporary, smooth state of mind and is most likely a preferred frequent flyer over the TravelTec II rose gold form of this watch. Furthermore, regardless of what the measurements let you think, it wears much better that one would expect.

The watch features rectangular chronograph pushers on the privilege and the protected CFB pusher at 10 o’clock to set the third time region. Planned in view of ease of use, the monopusher allows you to change the third time region in satisfying one-hour bounces in either an easterly or westerly bearing and is very pleasing to control. By unlocking the crown at 10 o’clock, the pusher is delivered allowing you to change the time in one-hour hops. However, how can I say whether my ideal time region is east or west, give or take GMT? The TravelTec has tackled this with a useful etching on the caseback of different urban areas and their give or take deviations from GMT.

Although the caseback is fixed, an extraordinary detail is the rectangular window found just under the pusher on the caseband permitting you a look of the protected GMT change instrument. Featuring a screw-down crown and fixed caseback, the watch is water-impervious to 50m, reasonable for showering or even a sprinkle in the pool. Accessible on an elastic tie with white sewing or a hardened steel arm band with DLC covering, the watch is gotten firmly to the wrist with a twofold arrangement fasten. The short inclining drags sit well on the wrist and are fixed with screws – not spring bars – for extra security, a significant thought for a watch of these measurements and weight.

The map making of the dial

There is no getting away from the fact that this is quite a bustling dial and requires some time and persistence to interpret. Dissimilar to the past TravelTec II model that moved one of the twofold 24-hour rings from the dial onto the bezel freeing up the dial fairly, this model compresses two 24-hour scales, two chronograph counters, a running seconds counter, records, minutes track and date window in addition to loupe on the dial. It’s somewhat of a mouthful at first yet whenever you have perceived the map making it becomes a lot easier to peruse. The black foundation with plentiful white markings gets a refreshing sprinkle of red – used to feature the third time region hand and the east/west sign – soothing the fairly exceptional black and white scenery.

Compressed user’s guide

As with most customary GMT watches ( read here for our top to bottom report on GMT and World Timers ), the neighborhood time is shown halfway and set utilizing the skeletonised hands with their sharp glowing tips. The subsequent time region is situated on the furthest 24-hour scale with more modest white Arabic numerals and is set at the crown in position 2. This scale is fixed and is utilized to demonstrate home time. (I actually find that my mind needs the subsequent time region to be on the bigger 24-hour ring, however once you get your head around the fact that your home time won’t transform, it begins to bode well.) The third time region is shown by the bigger rotatable 24-hour scale found straightforwardly over the hour files with huge white Arabic numerals and motioned with a red hand. The red hand features an upset triangle that hits the 24-hour scale soundly and firmly, so there is no uncertainty which of the two 24-hour tracks is being flagged. By delivering the locking pusher at 10 o’clock, the change component of the third time region kicks in and the firm snap as the hours hop in either course is very satisfying.

The chronograph is actuated by two pushers looking into it with the beginning/stop pusher at 2 and reset functions at 4 o’clock – customary. The chronograph seconds hand is mounted on the focal hub and the 30-minute sub-dial is at 9 and the 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock. In spite of the relative multitude of efforts made to deliver slipped by times as readable as could be expected, I actually found it difficult to move beyond the wide range of various information on the dial. The three counters are pressed into the diminished focal territory and confined in by forcing facetted block hour lists and a white moment track. In any case, my feeling is that the main role and allure of this watch is the triple GMT function and that the chronograph complication, regardless of how refined, is consigned to an optional role.

Although a significant number of us bandy with date windows, I accept that on a GMT model the date is a useful partner. Flying through different time regions and the subsequent fly slack are compelling enough motivations to need to make certain of the date and the TravelTec has generously given a magnifying focal point so you don’t need to squint. The time can be changed at the crown (position 3) and there is likewise a speedy set function (position 2) moving the hour hand in one-hour increases both forward and in reverse. The date will follow along while changing the nearby time and, another pleasant touch for explorers, it very well may be changed utilizing the fast set function of the crown.

Calibre 1901.1

The Patravi TravelTec is fueled by the programmed type 1901.1. Produced for Carl F. Bucherer by Techniques Horlogères Appliquées (THA), the development was dispatched in 2005 and THA was joined by CFB in 2007 prompting the introduction of the brand’s own Manufacture. The development depends on the ETA 2894 chronograph module with a 3-6-9 sub-dial design for the running seconds and chronograph registers on top of the attempted and tried ETA 2892.

The chronograph module features a vertical grip for smooth activities and the hacking function permits you to synchronize the little seconds. The whole development has been substantially modified via Carl F. Bucherer to accommodate the extra time region sign, and the likelihood to change the hour hand in one-hour increases. It runs at 28,800 vibrations each hour, can store 42h of force hold and is chronometer-certified by the COSC. The development is halfway noticeable through a sapphire window on the case.


With the showcase of three time regions and a chronograph ready, the TravelTec Black works out positively past the obligations of your normal GMT and is fitted with viable, simple to-control functions that will make life smoother as you jump across time regions. The licensed monopusher working on it allows you to set the third time region in either heading while the black DLC finish working on it guarantees a smooth matte look that will not get scuffed moving. Indeed, it is a major watch with a bustling dial. What’s more, indeed, it is conspicuous… however it isn’t pretentious.

And this, in my eyes, is an immense in addition to. The finishes, as you would expect are first rate and in accordance with CFB’s extravagance theory however maybe the allure of the TravelTec is that it is light a very long time in front of most GMT models available and has a remarkable, confident character that illuminates ‘free watchmaking’.

The Patravi TravelTec on a black steel PVD wristband retails for CHF 14,500, the form on a black elastic tie retails for CHF 12,800. For further subtleties, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel .