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Bvlgari Serpenti Amethyst Capsule Collection: Voluptuous Ultra-Violet Vipers (Live Pics)

Bvlgari Serpenti Amethyst Capsule Collection: Voluptuous Ultra-Violet Vipers (Live Pics)


Bvlgari has released a threesome of amethyst Serpenti watches in its most recent capsule collection. The snakes address three distinctive Serpenti watch families – Bangle, Scaglie and Incantati – and slither into the spotlight with a dazzling combination of serious purple amethyst and differentiating white precious stones. The combination of various cuts of stone and settings rejuvenates the snakes and features Bvlgari’s uncommon command of plan and the expertise of its diamond setters.

A expression of caution to our perusers: these Serpenti watches are adornments watches and are not furnished with mechanical developments. There is, be that as it may, a skeletonised tourbillon model of the Serpenti Incantati with a manual-winding movement.

Sinuous exotic nature

Bvlgari is Rome’s most acclaimed gems Maison and is prestigious for its arousing, bright adornments that catches Italians’ energy for lovely plan and incitement flawlessly. Bvlgari’s snake mascot arose on the scene during the 1940s as an arm band and was changed into a mysterious watch with the dial covered up inside the snake’s mouth. With its exciting blend of exotic nature and threat, it was a quick hit among Rome’s dolce vita crowd.

In truth, throughout a break from shooting Cleopatra in Rome’s Cinecittà Studios in 1962, Liz Taylor was shot wearing a Bvlgari Serpenti watch, a blessing from her own special Mark Anthony. What isn’t so notable is that the 1940s snake watch denoted Bvlgari’s initial invasion into watchmaking.

As Rome’s significant retail store of extravagance, Bvlgari plunges widely into the city’s rich past. Purple is a tone firmly connected with antiquated Rome, specifically with the purple and white frocks worn by diplomats at significant services. Amethyst was likewise venerated by the Egyptians as an image of force and, who better to address their most renowned sovereign on the cinema than Liz Taylor, the entertainer with the entrancing violet eyes?

Serpenti Misteriosi Bangle

This rose gold model with its verbalized bangle arm band is a mysterious watch and conceals its mother-of-pearl dial under the snake’s head. Two enormous pear-cut amethysts are utilized for the eyes and loaf cut amethysts for the scales on the head. The enunciated head and gold bangle wristband highlight extended hexagonal pits to ease the burden and reproduce the snake’s scales. A portion of the hexagonal scales on the skeletonised head and wristband are featured with snow-set splendid cut diamonds.

Quick facts: 36mm – 18k rose gold skeletonised case set with amethysts and splendid cut jewels – white mother-of-pearl dial with violet hands – skeletonised bangle set with splendid slice precious stones – water-impervious to 30m – reference 103054/103056 – value EUR 56,300.

Serpenti Scaglie

The Italian for ‘scales’, the Scaglie watch folds twice over the wrist. A rose gold adornments watch, the Scaglie tightens from head to tail in a stunning composition of enunciated scales. The top of the snake uncovers a mother-of-pearl dial with jewel set records and violet hands and is delegated at every furthest point by three splendid cut precious stones. Amethyst is the dominating stone on the wristband (126 amethysts for an aggregate of 6.65 carats) marking each scale with a column of buff-cut (marginally unpredictable rectangular shape) stones. Six paw set, splendid cut white jewels on each scale complete the image. Indeed, even the underside of the snake is perfectly completed and uncovers the emptied out zones of each scale loaning the snake adaptability and comfort to the owner.

Quick facts: 26mm – 18k rose gold case set with splendid cut precious stones – white mother-of-pearl dial with jewel lists and violet hands – 18k rose gold arm band with precious stones and buff-cut amethysts – 30m water-safe – reference 103124 – value EUR 75,000. 

Serpenti Incantati

The Incantati collection of 2016 reconsidered Bvlgari’s mascot in a more contemporary key. In a takeoff from the more naturalistic Serpenti sisters of the past, which utilized the body of the snake to curl around the wrist, architect Fabrizio Buonamassa utilizes the mathematical body of the snake to frame the round state of the case. The top of the snake gnawing its tail is selected with a huge amethyst, the bezel is set with a further 32 buff-top cut amethysts and the dial shines with snow-set diamonds.  The watch comes with a violet crocodile lash and a 18k rose gold ardillon clasp, additionally set with splendid cut diamonds.

Quick facts: 37mm – 18k rose gold case set with splendid cut precious stones, buff-top cut amethysts (all out 33 amethysts 2.45 carats) – snow-set jewels on dial – violet croc tie with rose gold ardillon clasp and splendid slice precious stones – water-impervious to 30m – reference 103125 – value EUR 49,500.

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