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Bvlgari Octo Roma Monete Skeleton Tourbillon, with 2000-Year-Old Coin (Live Pics)

Bvlgari Octo Roma Monete Skeleton Tourbillon, with 2000-Year-Old Coin (Live Pics)


Last week, during an occasion on the island of Capri, watchmaker/diamond setter Bvlgari disclosed an assortment of great very good quality adornments watches, including an uncommon and remarkable Serpenti Romani mystery sleeve watch.  A glitzy show of the brand’s inconceivable plans and savoir-faire, there were some other watches that got MONOCHROME’s attention. As a component of the “High-End Watches” sub-assortment was a couple of Monete men’s watches. 

Coin watches…

The watch industry is, as you probably are aware, very moderate and customary. However, it additionally has its idiosyncrasies, its erraticisms that numerous don’t see yet which a few gatherers love. Among them are sensual watches and automata (or both combined in one). And afterward there are “coin watches”, a specialty animal types that offers to a specialty market, when a forte of Corum. Bvlgari is no newcomer to “coin” gems and Nicola Bvlgari, extraordinary grandson of author Sotirios Bvlgari, started mounting old mint pieces in adornments in the last part of the 1960s to make the notable Monete assortment. Utilizing coins in watches was a characteristic development yet must be deciphered in Bvlgari’s Italian, top of the line style, so don’t expect any silver dollar coins on the dial. In 2017, we covered the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Monete secret watch, an uncommon marriage of an antiquated Roman coin with the vanguard lines of the Octo.

The Bvlgari Octo Roma Monete

What you’re going to see is uncommon, exceptional, strong and won’t appeal to everyone. Also, that’s simply awesome. Today, another arrangement of Monete watches have been made, in light of the Octo Roma case, with a great ultra-thin, tourbillon development inside.

The base of the watch is the famous Octo case, as of now itself a reference to Ancient Roman culture; the octagon is a repetitive theme in classical engineering and craftsmanship, which can in any case be seen in a significant number of Rome’s most delightful landmarks. The case estimates 44mm in breadth – it needed to extend to some degree to accommodate the huge coin laying on top – and is the Roma model, which means a somewhat less precise form of the Octo Finissimo.

Inside the case, and covered up by the coin when the pivoted cover is shut, is the Finissimo Skeleton Hand-Wound Tourbillon development, the thinnest of its sort available, with a 1.95mm profile. Much the same as other models outfitted with this development, you can see a similar specialized and current design, just as the flying tourbillon situated at 6 o’clock. Time is shown with hour and moment hands coordinating the case material.

The pièce de résistance is, obviously, the coin and its cover. As referenced, most coin watches have depended on silver dollar coins or gold pieces. In any case, at Bvlgari, Italian culture and Ancient Rome are the wellsprings of motivation. The idea, clarified by Nicola Bvlgari, was to “do something contemporary with what is undying “.

For these most recent coin watches, Bvlgari utilizes coins that are just about 2,000 years of age –  around 340-350 AD – and both component an alleviation of the Emperor Constans, one of the three children of Constantine the Great, who administered Rome and the Western regions of the Empire. The converse highlights the Concordia, or amicability, of the three brothers, who had the option to govern together calmly for a long time. This is a genuine cut of history that can be worn on the wrist. Roman legacy to the max!

Price and availability

Once once more, these new Bvlgari Octo Roma Monete are genuinely extraordinary pieces that couple of will appreciate or comprehend. Nonetheless, well done to Bvlgari for combining current and very good quality watchmaking with antiquated coins. Two extraordinary pieces will be made, one in 18k rose gold and one of every 950 platinum, valued at CHF 530,000 and CHF 550,000.