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Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Carbon – Redefining the Minute Repeater, Bvlgari Style

Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater Carbon – Redefining the Minute Repeater, Bvlgari Style

Perfect Replica

The world’s most slender minute repeater is returned to in 2018 of every an innovative carbon case and arm band. Maintaining the record-breaking title of its 2016 titanium archetype , this carbon model goes above and beyond in breaking with the esthetics of customary extravagance minute repeaters proposing a tense mechanical look. Picked as much for its secrecy esthetics with respect to its actual properties, the Carbon Thin Ply case offers astonishing acoustic properties and weighs even not exactly the first. Lean as a coin however fit for creating a particularly rich, warm stable, moderate styling yet seething with innovation, harsh on a superficial level yet smooth to the touch, forcing and sculptural yet feather-light… this watch difficulties pretty much every assumption for an exemplary minute repeater with Bvlgari’s trademark Italian flair.

The beginning of the Octo and Octo Finissimo legions

When Bulgari’s Octo army previously walked on the watchmaking field in 2012 it vanquished the world with its virile octagonal esthetics and unmistakeable Roman style. As Rome’s most worshiped sanctuary of high adornments – and now watchmaking – Bvlgari has acclimatized numerous parts of the city’s magnificent past into its plan jargon. The engineering of the Octo assortment was taken straightforwardly from the Roman Forum, roused by the coffering utilized on the roof of the fourth century Basilica of Maxentius. To help the heaviness of the giant barrel vaults of the Basilica –  the biggest design construction of its day – Roman architects utilized weight-saving procedures through coffering, a progression of indented boards enriched with octagonal and roundabout shapes. This interesting interchange of mathematical shapes was converted into the situation of the Octo. Along these lines to Rome’s clever modelers, trimming down the heaviness of the coffers to the least fatty articulation conceivable, Bvlgari’s watchmakers and architects imagined the super thin group of Octo Finissimo watches.

In 2014, the Octo Finissimo family was released in the war zone of super meager watches , vanquishing record after world record. Beginning with the world’s most slender tourbillon development in 2014 , continued in 2016 by the world’s most slender minute repeater and in 2017 by the world’s most slender programmed development , Bvlgari was going from one standout to another just to crown its successful set of three with the 2018 Octo Finissimo Tourbillon, the most slender programmed tourbillon and most slender programmed watch to date.

Redefining the Minute Repeater “alla romana”

But we should rewind to 2016 and the energy created when the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater was divulged at Bvlgari’s Baselworld stand. The world’s most slender minute repeater – with a development estimating simply 3.12mm and a case thickness of 6.85mm – the Octo Minute Repeater didn’t simply vanquish slimness records; it broke a large portion of the overarching shows of an extravagance minute repeater. Rather than the more customary valuable metal cases we are accustomed to seeing, Bvlgari’s tolling watch was housed in a 40mm sand-impacted titanium case giving it a modern, contemporary feel. Driving the envelope of daringness above and beyond, in 2018 Bvlgari revealed the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater in a carbon case. You can watch our video with Bvlgari’s overseeing chief Guido Terreni introducing the Baselworld curiosities, here .

Speaking to Guido Terreni a year prior for The Jewelry Editor , he disclosed Bvlgari’s irregular way to deal with the super flimsy classification. “The super slight category is unusual. It is the lone area that produces protests that look dated; the esthetic codes are from many years prior. It resembles me cruising all over in my grandfather’s vehicle or wearing his clothes today. We Italians don’t see this as esthetic improvement. We are exceptionally touchy to contemporary esthetics so we changed the guidelines of this fragment and made an extravagance watch that is an impression of the time we live in.” And when you get your hands on the Octo Finissimo Minute Repeater in carbon, everything begins to make sense.

A carbon case and arm band manufactured by Vulcan

My initial introduction looking at the peculiar, dull marbled material was that the watch had been etched in coal, or in material removed from a well of lava. Dull and dirty like the outside of coal, the material is, indeed, a cutting edge overlay composite produced using carbon strands supported by an epoxy gum – otherwise known as Carbon Thin Ply (CTP). Lightweight yet super versatile, CTP is utilized in the development of marine poles, satellite decks, drones, F1 bodywork, golf clubs and has made its presentation in the extravagance area, to be specific for Richard Mille watches. (On the off chance that you are keen on the low down of composites, I recommend the NTPT™ site ).

What is striking however is the means by which the CTP complements the precise parts of the case’s math giving the feeling that the flanks of the caseband have been cut into scaled down advances. Indeed, even the round bezel – which glanced smooth in the titanium model – looks like it has roundabout advances etched into its surface. It is the particular direction of the carbon fiber that delivers these unique enhanced visualizations. Bringing about sporadic notches and reflections, the case and wristband assume the appearance of Damascene steel. Anticipating that the surface of the watch should have a harsh, sandpapery feel, I was shocked by how soft, smooth and cool the carbon really felt.

Moving past the shallow part of the material, CTP is additionally famous as an incredible transmitter of sound, essentially due to its low thickness that less constrict the sound, compared to gold for example. By enacting the striking component with the pusher at 9 o’clock, the watch plays out its mechanical acoustic wonder. Even more phenomenal given the super level repository from which the warm, rich sounds are giving! What’s more, in spite of the fact that I couldn’t compare its sound to another minute repeater, I was guaranteed that the carbon material makes the tolls stronger and more clear – (Editor’s note: having heard the two renditions – carbon and titanium – sound isn’t just stronger on the carbon adaptation, yet in addition extraordinary, on account of various vibrating and reverberating properties.)

Fully incorporated into the 40mm case, the mathematical carbon connections of the wristband are shockingly dainty and graceful for an exquisite fit. Suggestive of tank steps, each connection is exclusively made and afterward gathered by hand and the arm band is gotten to the wrist by a triple edge collapsing fasten in titanium. Yet, there is one more element of CTP that can’t be ignored and that is its stunning lightweight properties. The carbon model gauges an entire 30 grams not exactly the titanium model, coming in at a complete load of only 47 grams. Indeed, Bvlgari challenges your expectations.

If you were simply to take a gander at the watch from a good ways, your mind would compare the impressive sculptural case with a specific weight. In any case, when you really hold the watch and wear it on your wrist, it is just about as light as silk. What’s more, this is my unrivaled misgiving about the watch. I realize that numerous individuals appreciate lightweight watches (simply ask Rafa Nadal !) and that wearing the world’s most slender minute repeater tipping the scales at just 47 grams is another specialty, however the absence of weight made me apprehensive and hyper-mindful when wearing the watch. Bvlgari’s official statement asserting that the watch “is so light and thin that one effectively fail to remember it is even on the wrist” is unequivocally what I wouldn’t search for in a watch of this class and cost. I’m only one of those individuals who like to feel and recognize the presence of my watch, not fail to remember I am wearing one!

A ventilated dial to send sound

The dial is additionally produced using a CTP overlay and shows a matte disguised surface with more obscure and lighter patches and an intermittent spot. Given the natural properties of CTP, no two dials/cases/ties will at any point be the equivalent, something authorities will no uncertainty appreciate. Dissimilar to the titanium model, the dial doesn’t arrive at the bounds of the bezel. The octagonal state of the dial just contacts the bezel at its focuses leaving huge holes that work as air vents to communicate the sound of the chimes.

Even the numeral 12, the hour lists and the circuit of the little seconds counter are removed from the dial to emanate the sound created by the mallets and gong-rings, which have been straightforwardly fixed to the case. The entry points intensify the reverberation inside the super meager case and compensate for the shortfall of considerable inward worth, a precondition in most minute repeaters for successful sound spread. Keeping with the thematic entry points of the dial, the sand-impacted silver hands are skeletonised.

Calibre BVL 362

Defying assumptions indeed, the converse side of the watch uncovers a rather customary looking development. The most slender minute repeater development on the planet estimating simply 3.12mm thick, it is difficult to accept that 362 components have been organized in this smaller than expected receptacle.

Space-saving and scaling down are sought after tenaciously and rather than an overcoil, the BVL362 utilizes a level spring barrel, the fountainhead barrel and crown wheel are suspended, instead of being housed under an extension and the diffusive strike lead representative has a minuscule small distance across of simply 3.3mm – including its two inactivity blocks. A manual-winding development, it works at 3Hz (21,600bph) and offers a maximum force hold of 42 hours, albeit because of restricted space there is no force save pointer. The development highlights Côtes de Genève enrichment and anglages on the scaffolds and perlage on the primary plate – lovely and in accordance with the general family of the watch.


This watch figures out how to overcome pretty much every presumption one may have supported about minute repeaters. Far in excess of its record-breaking slimness, Bvlgari’s Octo Finissimo brings the complication into new region with a shameless, strong look.

I was reluctant to utilize the articulation “infernally beautiful” yet that is the impact it had on me. The virile mathematical case, the flawless tolls and that attractive Italian plan pizazz are really alluring. In any case, my unparalleled issue with the watch is its ethereal weight. An or more for some, however with a particularly fragile complication ready, I couldn’t want anything more than to have the option to feel it on my wrist and ensure it comes to no harm!

A restricted version of only 50 pieces, the Octo Finissmo Minute Repeater Carbon retails for USD 160,000. More subtleties on .