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Breguet Tradition Chronographe Indépendant ref. 7077

Breguet Tradition Chronographe Indépendant ref. 7077

Perfect Replica

While the chronograph is surely quite possibly the most mainstream complications, a great many people don’t understand that it is among the most complex systems to create and amass. While most chronographs depend on a timekeeping “motor”, on which a subsequent stuff train draws in to drive the chronograph, a few people discovered this thought wasteful (and as it were, it is). Breguet, inside the Tradition assortment, has a chronograph that approaches things in an alternate manner. Complex, outwardly old fashioned, however truth be told present day, here’s our interpretation of the Breguet Tradition Independent Chronograph 7077.

The challenges behind a traditional chronograph

Most traditional chronographs are worked around a base system driving the time sign and a chronograph component that draws in with this base development when it is begun – there are two stuff trains (one for the time, one for the chronograph) that are connected by a grasp (vertical or even). The chronograph is driven by the timekeeping component – a common arrangement that represents a few difficulties. Among these, the plentifulness of the equilibrium wheel is unfavorably influenced when the chronograph is locked in – the chronograph takes its energy from the base development… Activating the chronograph implies that the whole exactness of the watch is influenced, which you’ll concede is incompatible with the possibility of an accuracy instrument.

Independent chronograph mechanism

Introduced at Baselworld 2015, the Breguet 7077 instrument is underlying a genuinely unique and keen way, and the chronograph system is completely independent and self-ruling. There is no connection between the timekeeping sign and the chronograph. On one side, an independent “sub-development” – composed of one barrel, one stuff train, and one oscillator – drives the sign of the time. On the other side, an independent system, with its own fuel source, gear train and oscillator, manages the chronograph capacities. As an outcome, there is no impedance in energy utilization and the pace of the timekeeping development stays unaffected when the chronograph is started.

On the correct side is the going train for the time sign, which is controlled by a 3Hz oscillator and has a force hold of 55 hours. On the left side is the chronograph part, which works at a 5Hz recurrence, for upgraded exactness. Its equilibrium wheel is designed out of lightweight titanium, taking into account ideal balance with its 3Hz partner. Both come with a silicon Breguet hairspring and silicon bed escapements.

The fuel hotspot for the chronograph instrument isn’t a spring curled in a barrel. On account of the Tradition Independent Chronograph 7077, Breguet utilizes an alternate sort of spring. The energy is put away in a flexed sharp edge spring that requires less space. The subsequent force save for the chronograph instrument is of 20 minutes, which is adequate to time brief timeframes. A brilliant and functional arrangement, this sharp edge is flexed while resetting the chronograph. So you never need to think often about winding the chronograph instrument. Squeezing the reset pusher flexes and arms the edge spring.

From a specialized point of view, the chronograph instrument is constrained by two brakes. Its titanium balance wheel is liberated when the chronograph is begun and impeded when it is halted. A chronograph actuation marker is situated at 6 o’clock.

Pure Breguet Styling

The Tradition Independent Chronograph 7077 is Breguet completely. The style is even, on either side of the watch. The unmistakable development design is propelled by that of the Breguet membership watches.

The 44mm case highlights welded straight drags and a fluted caseband. The two chronograph pushers are fastened. One pusher is utilized to begin the chronograph, the other to pause and reset it. The watch is completely openworked with a hand-guilloché silvered gold dial offset at 12 o’clock. In the most perfect Breguet tradition, the hands are blued. The chronograph seconds hand is in the middle. Straightforwardly inverse one another, at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock, two retrograde hands individually show the force save of the watch and the chronograph minutes (20-minute counter).

As consistently with Breguet, the development is consummately created with a matte dark iced finish. Its complex three-dimensional design that copies Breguet pocket watches is sublime. The stun insurance framework for the equilibrium wheels features one of Breguet’s creations, the “Parechute” with its particular edge spring to hold the pivots.

The Breguet Tradition Independent Chronograph 7077 comes in white or pink gold. It is introduced on a crocodile tie got with a collapsing buckle.


The Breguet Tradition Independent Chronograph 7077 feels ageless yet present day. It shows an emphatic character combined with amazing specialized complexity. At CHF 77,000 in pink gold and CHF 77,800 in white gold, this unique chronograph isn’t for each pocket yet can be worn in trust before the most tenuous gatherings of watch upstarts. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, visit .