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Breguet Marine 5517 – A Trilogy of 3-Handers With a More Contemporary Design Ethos

Breguet Marine 5517 – A Trilogy of 3-Handers With a More Contemporary Design Ethos

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Breguet’s Marine group of maritime-motivated extravagance ‘sports’ watches welcomes three new individuals to the nautical club. Less traditionalist and grandiose than Breguet’s typical admission, the three models of the Marine 5517 – in 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and titanium cases – come with a sprinkle of contemporary styling. A customary three-hand watch with date works, the 5571 set of three plays with comparing shapes, surfaces and materials to interest a more extensive public.

Maritime connections

In expansion to commissions from his celebrated illustrious supporters , Abraham-Louis Breguet was designated official chronometer-creator to the French Royal Navy, the most esteemed title to which a horologist could yearn. His high-exactness marine chronometers, which permitted boats to ascertain their situation adrift, were of essential significance to France’s armadas. For a brand like Breguet to abuse this fair and real verifiable association was just characteristic and prompted the creation in 1990 of the advanced Marine Collection.

The body of the Breguet Marine 5517

Revisited in 2005 with a sportier plan ethos, the Marine Collection pieces we are looking at today are the immediate offspring of the 2017 model – without the complications. As you will recollect, the Marine Collection was redone a year ago with the hyper-complicated Marine Équation Marchante 5887, a powerful vessel with an interminable schedule, a condition of time and a tourbillon ready. The Breguet Marine 5517 set of three, a generally basic three-hander with date capacities, shares a comparable structure development with its complicated sibling.

The 40mm case, accessible in titanium and rose and white gold (the last isn’t appeared in this article), gets on the more powerful, present day styling of the most recent age Marines. Comparing an exemplary round case with striking, practically modern squared drags is a valiant plan move. To give the plan a vibe of cognizance and coherence, the three sided drags are glossy silk brushed like the case giving a differentiation to the cleaned bezel, crown and defenders. The trademark fluted case band, a component common to all Breguet watches, has been improved and the crown defenders bear witness to the water-opposition of the case, which can comprehend profundities of 100 metres.

The sportiest of each of the three is the titanium model with its sunburst record dim dial. And despite the fact that you would likely never take an interest in a regatta or go jumping with this watch, the light yet vigorous titanium case, which can weather pungent air and consumption, gives the watch an advanced touch.

The upper deck of the Breguet Marine 5517

Engine-turned or guilloché dials are a lot of a Breguet forte. Utilizing motor turning lathes worked longer than a century prior, specialists etch unpredictable examples into the gold dial, which are then silver covered. Both the white gold and red gold models include delightfully motor turned gold dials improved with wave themes; the white gold model highlights a blue engraved dial while the rose gold has a more exemplary silver dial. The titanium model additionally has a gold dial however has not been engraved and shows a contemporary sunburst record dim colour.

The new plan codes on board the 5517 incorporate the stabilizer of the focal seconds hand tipped with a stylised letter ‘B’ that imitates “Breguet” and the five-minute markers that bring out the state of nautical flags. Notwithstanding, the most unmistakable component of these watches is the fuse of Roman numerals. Any Roman numerals, mind you, however solid, intense Roman numerals, dissimilar to the Breguet’s stylised Arabic numerals that we are utilized to seeing.

Their commanding presence on the dial is intensified significantly further by their appearance in the inside zone of the bezel. What is considerably really striking however is the way that the applied Roman numerals have been filled in with radiant material, alongside the nautical flags, the moment spots and the tips of the Breguet-style hands. The date window, situated at 3 o’clock, broadens towards the outskirts of the dial and is all around coordinated in the in general composition.


The screw-down case back comes with a sapphire precious stone to uncover Breguet’s in-house programmed development – Caliber 777A – with its modified in-line switch escapement, silicon balance spring, 4Hz recurrence and 55-hour power save. Albeit the official statement alludes to the plan of the rotor as being “motivated by a boat’s rudder”, I think this is an instance of ‘lost in interpretation’ since it looks substantially more like a boat’s wheel to me. The extensions have additionally been motor turned and enlivened with thick stripes suggestive of the boards on a boat’s decking.

All three models of the new Marine 5517 are accessible with either a leather or elastic tie. The white and rose gold models retail for EUR 28,000 and the titanium model for EUR 18,000. More subtleties at .