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Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel (Hands-On)

Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel (Hands-On)


When you consider Breguet watches, you typically have as a primary concern (amazing) silvered guilloché dials, blued hands and a generally speaking rich, refined style. This would, in any case, be shortsighted as the brand additionally has extraordinary aptitude with enameled dials. With the Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel, Breguet gives a programmed dress watch unadulterated Breguet style. Its rich straightforwardness is downplayed, refined yet comes with a turn passed on by the blue grand feu enamel dial – something uncommon for the brand.

The brand’s watches are often given a white or silver dial with differentiating blued hands. Here, with this new interpretation of the Classique 5177, the mark Breguet blue is rendered onto the dial. Its dim, dark blue tone echoes that got during the dye of Breguet hands, which required broad examination for the improvement of the enamel pigment.

Made the customary way, the enamel dials are terminated in a furnace at over 800° Celsius. The enamel powder wires on the plate on which it is tidied. A few layers are applied to acquire a profound, exceptional, unalterable blue. To guarantee amazing meaningfulness, the Breguet numerals and other engravings on the dial are silvered. The powdered following makes a rich help. A similar cycle is utilized for the date. The brand’s mysterious mark circumspectly shows up at 6 o’clock, just becoming noticeable upon close investigation. This momentous piece of craftsmanship is completed with rhodium-plated steel Breguet hands with the exemplary emptied out roundabout tip.

In 2017, to commend the 10th commemoration of its Ginza Boutique, Breguet delivered a 10-piece restricted version of the Classique 5175 , with a blue enamel dial and no date. And keeping in mind that we will not revive or address the ‘date/no date’ banter here, the trapezoidal opening of the date window and the diverse size for the silver powdered tens and units are brilliantly executed.

The equilibrium of the white gold instance of this Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel is brilliant. From the start, the flimsy bezel makes it look a bit greater than the 38mm width would recommend. On the wrist, it is amazingly comfortable and completely estimated to be worn with formal attire. The flanks are finely fluted and the slim, straight hauls welded. The show caseback shows the programmed development and is engraved with the watch’s individual number. The watch is practically super slender, with a smooth 8.8mm profile.

Inside is the development 777Q, a programmed type working at 4Hz and offering 55 hours of force hold. The equilibrium highlights 4 controlling screws. The hairspring, the getaway haggle switch are designed out of silicon for improved execution. It shows hours, minutes, seconds and the date. The stop seconds work permits you to set the opportunity to the exact second. The completing is top notch: the extensions and plates are decorated with Geneva stripes and round graining. The rotor is adorned by a hand-worked rose motor turned guilloché pattern.

The Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Blue Enamel is worn on a dull blue gator leather lash got with screw pins. The ardillon buckle is in 18k white gold.

Designing a fine dress watch is certainly not a simple undertaking. Flawlessness is in the subtleties and the Classique 5177 is a magnificent illustration of the uncompromising Breguet ethos. It holds the refined, unmistakable style of the brand and shows exceptional craftsmanship. The dull blue shade of the dial brings an intriguing, current curve to its exemplary style. Cost is set at CHF 23,100 –same cost as the white enamel dial models. For more data, kindly visit .