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Bovet Introduces New Versions of the Fleurier 19Thirty and The All-New Dimier Récital 29

Bovet Introduces New Versions of the Fleurier 19Thirty and The All-New Dimier Récital 29

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In what must be the slowest month on record regarding watch curiosities, Bovet ends the quiet with a brand new watch, the Dimier Récital 29, and a somewhat more adorned variant of the Fleurier 19Thirty. Housed in 42mm hardened steel cases with hand-wound developments and imposing force saves, there can be no mistaking their tenuous provenance.

Dimier Récital 29

It’s very difficult to monitor the advancement of a specific watch at Bovet due to the apparently random task of numbers to the all around complex sobriquets. In any case, this Récital 29, the most recent individual from the Dimier assortment, is the first of the family to include a steel case. Its 2020 appearance in tempered steel reserves it as one of Bovet’s ‘ordinary’ models.

Endowed with less complications than a portion of its kin in the Dimier assortment (counting the noteworthy Récital 22 , which brought home the 2018 Aiguille d’Or prize at GPHG 2018), the Récital 29 offers hours, minutes, power hold marker and an accuracy moon phase.

The 42mm instance of the Récital 29 is created in steel and highlights the trademark family hallmark of an inclining case. On the off chance that you see the watch from the side you can perceive how it tightens dramatically start to finish; the tallness of the case at its thickest point is 11.60mm tightening all the path down to 7.80mm at 6 o’clock. The extra room given by the slanting case implies that a large group of imaginative showcases can be stopped in the upper piece of the dial and the point improves readability. The moderately thick cleaned bezel plunges dramatically to uncover the various components of the dial, which is improved with Bovet’s utilization of numerous planes and discouragements close by openworked engineering and suspended counters.

The hours and minutes are set in a sub-dial at 12 o’clock. The somewhat domed hour plate includes a handsome guilloché configuration like green peacock feathers fanning out from the middle. A second smaller domed plate at 6 o’clock is engraved with a reasonable portrayal of the moon’s surface. An openworked figure-eight design shows the age of the moon. Radiance is hand-applied to the moon allowing it to sparkle in obscurity with striking realism.

The left territory of the dial is openworked uncovering the hairspring of the equilibrium (left side) on the essence of the watch rather than its typical situation on the back. Simply over the equilibrium wheel is the force save pointer with its small blued hand and blued-screws used to hold the various scaffolds set up. Completions, as you would expect, are first class and the scaffolds, brightened with thick Geneva stripes, include hand-inclined and cleaned edges.

The hand-wound development is fueled by a solitary barrel with a five-day power save for the hours, minutes, power save marker and accuracy moon stage. Like other Bovet moon-stage models, the instrument just requires one revision at regular intervals and all acclimations to the moon stage should be possible at the crown by squeezing the sapphire cabochon. Despite the fact that we can’t see the development in the press pictures, it is no uncertainty finely decorated.

Quick facts: 42mm distance across hardened steel case, max thickness 11.60, min thickness 7.80mm – crown set with sapphire cabochon – 30m water-opposition – green, dark or blue sub-dial for quite a long time adorned with guilloché – moon stage counter at 6 o’clock with Super-LumiNova – in-house, hand-wound development – 21,600vph – 5-day power hold – alligator lash with steel pin clasp – ref. R290001 – CHF 24,500

Fleurier 19Thirty

In the ultra-ornamented universe of Bovet watches, the Fleurier 19Thirty is one of the more straightforward, less lavish models. Presented in 2015, the 19Thirty gives proper respect to the last pocket watches made by Bovet before they relocated to the wrist. Portrayed by Pascal Raffy as an ‘regular’ watch, its presentation in 2015 was in a steel case, which was returned to in a sumptuous red gold case a year ago. The assortment was additionally given its own hand-twisting development with a vigorous 7-day power hold with just a solitary barrel.

The 42mm Fleurier-style case, with its crown and pivoted bow at 12 o’clock may strike you as offbeat yet is extremely on top of Bovet’s wonderful plan language. (Some 19Thirty models likewise come in a more standard Dimier case with 4 carries and a crown at 3 o’clock). Fundamentally the same as the red gold adaptation we investigated a year ago, the design of the dial rehashes the figure of a topsy turvy eight, a reasonable gesture to Bovet’s Chinese customers.

Available with blue or dark dials with a roundabout brushed completion, the top counter transfers the hours and minutes with exemplary Roman numerals while the smaller counter denotes the passing seconds. Under the time signs is a luxurious hand-engraved foundation with common Fleurisanne foliage themes. Not at all like the red gold model, the miseries of the inscriptions are loaded up with blue or dark finish, contingent upon the model. The two semi-circles, flanking either side of the top counter, are recessed; the one on the privilege is a force save marker and on the left, you can see the highest point of the barrel.

A sapphire caseback uncovers the rich in-house, manual-winding development (type 11BM04). Like pocket watch developments, the liberal 15 ¾ ligne type (35.53mm) occupies all the accessible space and offers an outstanding 7-day power hold on only one barrel. The completions are in accordance with Bovet’s craftsmanship with blued screws, perlage on the mainplate and Geneva stripes curving over the bridges.

Quick facts: 42mm x 9mm – treated steel Fleurier case – 30m water-obstruction blue or dark dials with hand-engraved and lacquered Fleurisanne theme – type 11BM04, in house, hand-wound – 21,000vph – 7-day power save – dark or blue alligator tie with steel pin clasp – ref. NTS0020 blue, ref. NTS0019 dark – CHF 19,800

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