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Bovet Dimier Récital 11 Miss Alexandra: Once in a Blue Moon

Bovet Dimier Récital 11 Miss Alexandra: Once in a Blue Moon

Perfect Replica

Shattering the overall assessment that ladies simply need a lovely dial and couldn’t think often less about mechanical complications, Bovet presents a watch that allures on the mechanical and esthetic fronts – and how! Complicated at this point female, beautiful however not influenced, Bovet’s red gold adaptation of the Dimier Récital 11 Miss Alexandra puts on a blue-shaded act of the periods of the moon. Furnished with an exactness moon stage system created by Bovet, and showing probably the most refined imaginative completes in watchmaking, this watch is a wearable piece of horological art.


Bought by Pascal Raffy in 2006 with a mission to change over the noteworthy brand into a sanctuary of improving expressions and Haute Horlogerie, Bovet is a lot of a specialty brand. Like Jaquet Droz , Edouard Bovet zeroed in on the Chinese market and by 1822 was providing the Imperial Court with lavishly plated pocket watches set with pearls and valuable stones. Such was the reverence and achievement of Bovet in China that the originator’s family name got inseparable from the word ‘watch’ Bo Wei in Chinese.  Many of Bovet’s luxuriously improved pocket watches and lavishly engraved developments are gallery pieces and the serious level of ornamentation drove Edouard Bovet to make the primary straightforward casebacks.

Much to the joy of gatherers, about 33% of the pieces are one-off fortunes and creation is restricted to around 2,000 watches per year. Due to its undeniable degree of vertical joining – with its own development and dial produces – Bovet is right now ready to create about 85% of its types in-house. The Dimier assortment, to which the Récital 11 Miss Alexandra has a place, is imagined and built totally in-house at Bovet’s Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie Artisanale DIMIER 1738. Described by a crown at 3 o’clock (instead of most of Bovet’s assortments with crowns at 12 o’clock) the Dimier assortment is populated by tourbillons, bouncing hours, triple time regions as far as possible up to the breathtaking Récital 22 Grand Récital , a 9-day flying tourbillon, tellurium-orrery and retrograde unending calendar.

A ladylike, oval-formed case

The Récital 11 we are inspecting continues in the strides of the 2013 Récital 9, a 7-day tourbillon and moon stage model that denoted the brand’s first oval-formed watch case for ladies. Like Breguet’s imperial Reine de Naples watch , the Récital 11 is housed in an egg-formed case that, as I would see it, is perhaps the most complimenting and female of shapes. Estimating 41mm in distance across, the watch is huge, yet who might need anything more modest when there are such countless excellent subtleties to admire?

Crafted in warm 18k red gold, the oval case is set with 58 round-cut jewels on the bezel and briolette precious stone in the crown.  Winding the watch with the enormous fluted crown is a genuine delight. Rather than the customary corrector on the caseband to change the moon stage complication, Bovet has coordinated the corrector straightforwardly into the crown (the precious stone, for this situation) keeping away from issues of water-opposition and fiddly corrector instruments, just as regarding the unadulterated and cleaned forms of the case.

Moonstruck by the dial

This is the place where things get truly fascinating. Loaded with subtleties, the dial is a feature of Bovet’s refined high quality and imaginative craftsmanship. Beginning with the hero, the moon is delivered with a serious level of authenticity and the specific map making of our divine neighbor has been engraved on a mirror-cleaned steel plate. The pits of the moon are loaded up with a glowing substance and the sky encompassing the moon is engraved on a blue PVD-treated nickel plate that has all the earmarks of being shimmering with stars. Dissimilar to conventional moon stage capacities with two moons on a moving circle, Bovet utilizes two beds (like candies) that move over the fixed Moon. Fitted with an accuracy moon stage module, totally created and made by DIMIER 1738, it will just require a one-day revision each 122 years.

As you can see, blue is the thematic shade of the dial yet is utilized in various shades to signify various capacities. The foundation sky and beds that cover up and uncover the Moon are chosen in a practically electric metallic blue, hand-etched with a bris de verre (shattered glass) theme. Framing a rich figure eight, somewhat like Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde family, the lower half of the dial includes the hours and minutes plate in a lot hazier, nearly 12 PM blue resonance. Cut from clear blue aventurine glass with ten precious stone hour markers, the hours and minutes dial reproduces a shining, elegant night sky. Yet, there is another detail that can’t be ignored. The hands, with their squiggly shape and adjusted bolt tips, play out a sentimental signal each hour. At the point when the minutes hand lays on top of the hours hand, the combined shape frames a heart!

Behind the time and moon stage capacities is a lavishly hand-etched foundation with a falling star on the left (delegated with a jewel) and a perspective on the hand-chamfered and cleaned steel switches and jumper spring of the moon stage corrector on the right. Winding the watch with the huge gold fluted crown is a genuine joy, however watching the mechanics answerable for resetting the moon stages take swift, decisive action is a genuine spectacle.

A wonderful movement

The switch side of the watch offers more esthetic joys and uncovers the mechanical self-winding development – type 11DA16-MP – with its liberal 72-hour power hold. Giving recognition to the author’s preference for hand-etching his developments with botanical themes, the 22k gold rotor shows the exemplary Fleurisanne etching for which the House is popular. Normally, the blue theme of the dial is extended to the development with the incorporation of blued steel screws.


As you can tell, I am entranced by this watch. I love the liberal case size, the practical delivering of the Moon and the heavenly blues, however what truly makes me go and makes me amazingly cheerful is that a few brands are at long last tuning in to ladies who appreciate complications, who appreciate mechanical ponders yet at the same time demand wonderful, female objects.

The Dimier Récital 11 Miss Alexandra is additionally accessible in white gold and with roll cut jewels. It can likewise be requested without jewels and with a hand-etched case to coordinate the adornment of the movement.  Presented on a blue croc tie, the 18k red gold model with precious stones is appended to the wrist with a 18k red gold ardillon clasp and retails for CHF 44,000. For more data, if it’s not too much trouble, counsel .