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Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze – The “John Player Special” Touch

Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze – The “John Player Special” Touch


It isn’t the first run through we’ve seen a “Bellytanker” watch by Bell & Ross – see here ; nor is it the first run through we’re before a bronze-cased BR V2-94 Chronograph piece – simply take a gander at the Revolution/The Rake Bellytanker “El Mirage” . So what’s new here? So, simply one more minor departure from the model, with new colours… But that doesn’t mean this new Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze isn’t worth a nearby look (a long way from that!).


The name “Bellytanker” alludes to a post-WWII practice. From the outset, bellytanker was the name given to a crisis drop tank fitted in the belly of military aircraft. When the Second World War finished, this word took on another importance and turned into a moniker for the rapid race vehicles fabricated straightforwardly from these extra tanks. In 2017, Bell & Ross utilized this authentic practice to consider its own – fanciful – “Bellytanker” car, which gave the inspiration for  a progression of watches .

This sub-collection comprised two watches. First was a straightforward 3-hander piece with a level bezel and controlled breadth, the BR V1-92. Second, and more fascinating for today’s point, was a chronograph watch, the Bellytanker BR V2-94. In view of a collection that generally established a serious connection when it was dispatched in 2017 – slimmer, more slender, more vintage-arranged, pleasantly formed and significantly more comfortable on the wrist – Bell & Ross added a cool copper-hued dial, a strong steel bezel with a tachymeter and a by and large “tropical” vintage look.

This theme would later be utilized by Revolution and The Rake to make two restricted watches named “Dusty” and “El Mirage” , the last being a bronze variant with a patinated theme (chocolate-hued sub-dials over a gold foundation). Bell & Ross today brings its own vision of a bronze chronograph.

The BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze

What’s new then with this year’s version, the Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze, presented at Baselworld 2019? Indeed, to put it plainly, it is pretty much an update of tones and materials. Yet, one that truly works.

The instance of the BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze depends on similar base as other watches of the Vintage collection, which means a proportional, first rate 41mm round case – no squared case for this collection – which is a rather huge update compared to the past watches of this collection. In 2017, the brand made a watch that was more in accordance with its name “Vintage”, with a more modest, slimmer and less sharp plan. The outcome is a reasonable and charming piece on the wrist.

For the event of this restricted version, the case is made of bronze, or indeed a particular combination: CuAI7Si2, otherwise called Aluminum Bronze. On the in spite of specific watches that will build up a thick and very bizarre green patina – with the feeling that you’ve developed a few mushrooms on your watch case (whatever floats his boat) – the compound picked by Bell & Ross is more steady and will just build up a light, greenish patina after some time (which, as usual, can undoubtedly be eliminated). Then, the actual metal is bright and yellow, practically gold-like. An amazing decision for a Bell & Ross you’ll concede, in any case, this Vintage collection isn’t focused as an in-your-face military piece. In this manner, in the metal, it works.

This BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze likewise disposes of the strong metallic bezel and now includes a bronze fixed bezel with a dark aluminum embed, offering an extraordinary difference with the case – and making it more tactful than a strong bronze bezel. A crucial tachymetre scale is imprinted on it – engine hustling theme obliges. The watch is worn on a straightforward dark calfskin lash with a bronze collapsing catch – I’d recommend changing the tie for something a piece ‘racier’.

The dial of this Bellytanker Bronze is the pièce de résistance, with another two-tone format – a gold turned around Panda dial. The dark foundation is illuminated with gold-plated applied hour markers and hands, just as gold-hued sub-dials for the little seconds and the 30-minute chronograph counter. Altogether, it is neat and engaging, especially combined with the super domed sapphire crystal.

Powering the watch is a to some degree utilitarian programmed chronograph development, the secluded Caliber BR-CAL.301, in view of the ETA 2894-2 engineering. This motor is notable, effectively useful and has been attempted and tried throughout the long term. Not all that much, yet a type that will take care of business. It is noticeable through a sapphire caseback with a moved Bellytanker image.

Cool Fator – The irrefutable “John Player Special Touch”

Why is this watch so appealing…? It looks very cool, however it likewise feels enigmatically recognizable. To put it plainly, that’s the “John Player Special Effect”. Yet, what is the JPS touch?

For that, we need to return to the 1970s, the brilliant time of Formula 1 and of dashing chronographs. As ahead of schedule as 1972, as indicated by Phillips Watches , cigarette producer John Player & Sons began supporting one of the main F1 groups, Lotus, and gave them what must be probably the coolest uniform ever. Wearing dark with gold accents and decorations, the Formula 1 vehicle turned into a moment hit and an icon.

Again, as per Phillips, this dark and-gold uniform motivated gatherers to epithet a particular rendition of the Exotic Rolex Daytona. “Donning similar tones, the “John Player Special Paul Newman” shares its name with the hustling vehicle. While the watch was considered a few years before the vehicle and has no connection to the game, the similitudes between the two are totally uncanny, from the differentiating dark and gold designs to the perplexing trim and details.”

Indeed, one uncommon adaptation of the Daytona Paul Newman, the reference 6241, produced using 1966 to 1969 in around 300 models, includes a 18k yellow gold case, a differentiating dark bakelite tachymeter bezel, and a two-tone dark and-gold dial. Phillips sold one as of late for CHF 912,500 (the watch you can see above, photographs to be credited to Phillips Watches).

And prepare to be blown away. That’s precisely what this Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze looks like… Not saying that B&R intentionally took inspiration from the JPS Rolex, yet at the same time, the outcome is close and this is actually why it looks so cool – and the expansion of bronze for the case, which makes it more reasonable and more energetic, as it will get some cool indications of wear.

Price and availability

The cool-looking Bell & Ross BR V2-94 Bellytanker Bronze is a restricted version of 999 pieces, which will be evaluated at EUR 4,900. The watches will be accessible finish of April 2019, yet would already be able to be pre-requested on .