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Bell & Ross BR 03-92 GREY LUM – And a Look at the Entire LUM Collection

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 GREY LUM – And a Look at the Entire LUM Collection

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Inspired by dashboard flight instruments… This assertion alone could without much of a stretch characterize the majority of Bell & Ross’ manifestations. Whether we talk about the plan of the actual watch, its highlights or the mission for ideal intelligibility, both day and night. The last is especially significant for today’s matter on the grounds that there’s another watch in the LUM assortment. Named “GREY LUM”, it follows a progression of watches with an unmistakable spotlight in plain view characteristics, with the HOROLUM, the HOROLUM and the FULL LUM. However, before we investigate this cool assortment, let’s present the new Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Gray LUM.

A new part in the LUM arrangement, the BR 03-92 Gray LUM

If the three past models in the LUM assortment were plainly on the military/apparatus side of things, this new Gray LUM needs to adjust the idea to a more metropolitan style – without failing to remember its principle raison d’être and its LUM participation. On the opposite of HOROLUM, HOROLUM and FULL LUM, which all element miniature impacted (and in this way hostile to intelligent) case in steel or earthenware, the new Gray LUM is about mechanical plan and a monochromatic look, with more regular citizen than military DNA.

The case holds the notorious “circle inside a square” shape, flanked by four practical screws – one in each corner – with a motivation that can without much of a stretch be followed to dashboard instruments on vintage jetfighters. As all models in the BR 03 sub-assortment, and like practically the whole B&R inventory now, it’s on the enormous side yet at the same time comfortable 42mm x 42mm (the notable BR 01 was 46mm). The instance of the BR 03-92 Gray LUM is made out of hardened steel and shows silk completed surfaces featured by cleaned inclines on the sides of the case and bezel. This adds a more lavish, less instrumental touch to this watch – more appropriate for every day wear.

The dial of the BR 03-92 Gray LUM, during the daytime, is an anthracite dark tone with a sunray-brushed example. Combined with the differentiating surfaces of the case and the matte, grey‐green leather tie with a smooth surface, it brings about a charming watch that isn’t drained of class – in any event for a B&R. The showcase is traditional, with H-M-S in the middle and a date situated in a roundabout window at 4h30. The hands and lists are executed in C3 lume, with a cream shading that stands out consummately from the dull dark background.

But where this watch truly sparkles is around evening time. Since, as other individuals from the LUM assortment, the new BR 03-92 Gray LUM is about photoluminescence and high evening time intelligibility. As referenced, all the lists and hands are covered with Super‐LumiNova C3, known for its unmatched brightness – it is the brightest variant of SLN, the one with the longest glow (as long as 8 hours) and the quickest to re-energize. Turn the lights off and you end up with a very readable watch that wouldn’t watch strange on the wrist of a pilot in a cockpit.

Like all models in the assortment, the new BR 03-92 Gray LUM is controlled by the type BR‐CAL.302, in view of the attempted and-tried Sellita SW300. This programmed development is known for its unwavering quality and its respectable exactness. It runs at 28,800 vibrations/hours and flaunts 42h of force hold. It is covered up under a plain steel caseback that considers a 100m water-resistance.

The new Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Gray LUM (ref. BR0392-GC3-ST/SCA) will be accessible soon (February 2020) at retailers, official shops and online business. It is conveyed with an additional ultra‐resilient dark synthetic fabric tie and apparatuses to transform it. It will be estimated at EUR 2,990. More insights regarding the watch and orders here, at .

The Entire LUM assortment explained

As referenced before, the new Gray LUM is important for a sub-assortment that Bell & Ross named “LUM”, a reference to the word lumière (light) in French. The goal here is completely clear: greatest intelligibility altogether conditions, whether to bring differentiate and evade reflections during the day or give most extreme luminescence around evening time, with monstrous measures of Super-LumiNova. And all things considered, this is a heading that works out in a good way for the soul of the brand, back when the first idea was to make military watches for pilots or extraordinary powers – which it still does.

The LUM assortment discovers its motivation, indeed, in dashboard flight instruments, like altimeters, radars, whirligigs and compasses found on the whole sorts of planes – both for regular citizen and military applications. Here, readability and obvious signs are fundamental for route in sunlight or evening time conditions. Subsequently why these instruments are profoundly differentiated and evade reflections, just as highlighting sparkling light. You can undoubtedly understand this by looking at the two pictures above, from a non military personnel plane or in the cockpit of a fly fighter.

The Bell & Ross LUM assortment is composed of different models. Everything began in 2017 with the HOROLUM (accessible in BR 03-92 with a 3-hand show, or like here, in BR 03-94 with chronograph), continued in 2018 by the NIGHTLUM, then the FULL LUM in 2019 and, mid 2020, the Gray LUM. All have their own specificities, however all offer a similar idea of double readability, night and day. Matte cases, high differentiation of the records and hands, dial generally depending on the SLN capacities… And altogether, a toolish, instrumental look that has been B&R’s directing light since its creation.

With these four watches, it is about viability and quick meaningfulness of the circumstance signs. Beginning with the HOROLOUM, the idea was to have a hardened steel case with reflections decreased to the absolute minimum. To accomplish this, the model was altogether miniature impacted, dial notwithstanding, so despite the fact that its case is bright, it won’t upset a pilot with reflections. The monochromatic look is improved by the utilization of green-cream SLN on all the hands, bringing about an unmistakable presentation, even of the chronograph signs at night.

The second was the NIGHTLUM, a watch with a very B&R look with a matte dark earthenware case and a matte dark dial – indeed to dodge reflections. Hands and records are treated with C3 SLN bringing the ideal differentiation with the dark foundation during the day, and offering super-proficient lume impact around evening time. Unquestionably the most instrumental model in the collection.

In 2019, Bell & Ross dispatched an extremely astounding, intense and somewhat gimmicky piece named FULL LUM. Worked around a matte dark clay case, it has a rather extraordinary tone during the day – difficult to characterize, as kind of a blend between dim, cream and light green. In any case, with its hands and lists executed in dark, daytime neatness is unmatched. And then comes the night… And the FULL LUM becomes something different! Not exclusively is the full dial covered with Super-LumiNova – the lists and hands showing up in negative – however the elastic bracelet is additionally luminescent, making a UFO of a watch that gleams green in the dark.

Last yet not least, 2020 is the time of the fourth model in the assortment, the Gray LUM that you’ve seen toward the start of this article. By and by, a decent expansion to the brand’s center assortment dependent on pilot’s and military watches.

More insights regarding the Bell & Ross LUM assortment here, at .