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Baselworld / MCH CEO steps down following Swatch Group withdrawal from Baselworld 2019

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Less than seven days after Swatch Group declared it would not be taking an interest in  Baselworld 2019, MCH Group (the company working Baselworld) has given an official statement reporting that the “Board of Directors of MCH Group and CEO René Kamm have arrived at the joint and common end that the opportunity has arrived for an adjustment in the operational administration of MCH Group considering the key change stage in business operations”.

In May, MCH named Michel Loris-Melikoff as the head of Baselworld following the acquiescence of longstanding overseeing chief, Sylvie Ritter and the provokes presented to Baselworld following the withdrawal of various exhibitors and expanding analysis in regards to the organisation.

CEO René Kamm went under pressing factor after Swatch Group declared that it would presently don’t show at Baselworld. Ulrich Vischer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will receive obligation regarding the Group’s operational exercises until the arrangement of a replacement to René Kamm.

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