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Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey Hao Red and Green Editions

Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey Hao Red and Green Editions

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China is often seen as the world’s maker. Everything from your iPhone, your children’s toys to the space warmer in the carport probably come from Chinese production lines. The Middle Kingdom has just mastered large scale manufacturing at often the most minimal expense, yet in general quality can fluctuate broadly. Made in China is often connected with “modest” in the West, yet a large number of the country’s local brands fabricate extremely competitive items. Frenchmen Robin Tallendier and Wilfried Buiron, originators of the youthful microbrand Atelier Wen, have accepted both Chinese watch plan and creation, and add to a year ago’s debut Porcelain Odyssey assortment with two restricted editions in red and green.

The watches being referred to are essential for the white porcelain dial “Hao” variation – joined by the dark blue porcelain “Ji” model . “Hao” addresses a white that is unadulterated and without imperfection, and the dials in this line start with a copper base that is treated with zirconium oxide porcelain and then warmed to 1400°C. It’s not a similar artisanship as lacquer work, but rather the outcome is an exceptionally steady, unadulterated white dial with print colors inspired by Chinese culture. The first blue over white, for instance, addressed China’s prestigious Qinghua Ci porcelains. All Hao dial plans are likewise inspired by vintage, mid-twentieth century “chronometer” dials.

The first of two new dials, the Hao Green Edition, is white porcelain with emerald green cushion printing. Green represents wellbeing and immaculateness in China, and the piece comes with a complementing 20mm green nubuck lash with desert yellow coating. The dial plan itself has numerous Chinese components, most outstandingly at the 6 o’clock sub-dial. In lieu of numerals, two Chinese images – ‘You’ (酉) at the upper left and ‘Mao’ (卯) at the base right – each cover a two-hour time span. ‘You’ is 5pm to 7pm and ‘Mao’ is 5am to 7am (nightfall and dawn), got from an antiquated estimation of time known as the “12 Earthly Branches” (with each branch addressing two hours). More conventional Arabic numerals encompass the border in two-hour increases with a minutes railroad track traversing the peripheral edge. Similar reference to Chinese porcelains from the earlier Hao model is clear here too.

The second new dial, the Hao Red Edition, praises the 2020 Chinese New Year with ruby red print. Red is among the predominant shades of the Chinese New Year and represents fire, karma, bliss and festivity. Related with its ability to avoid underhanded, Chinese ladies often sport red. Like the green variation, a complementing red calf leather tie with red fixing comes with the piece. Both new models include the assortment’s unique hour and moment leaf hands, and for this situation, they’re rhodium plated. A twofold domed sapphire precious stone with an enemy of intelligent covering ensures the dial.

The hardened steel instance of the Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey is a comfortable 39mm in measurement and 11.7mm in stature with cleaned and brushed components. Its shape was inspired by French watch cases from the 1950s, making an intriguing dynamic with a general style of both French and Chinese impact. A decent detail is the brushed inner rib encompassing the moment track. The caseback sports a profoundly decorated portrayal of Kunpeng, a creature of Chinese legend. It’s supposed to be a goliath bird (Peng) that can transform into an oceanic body (Kun) and is a similarity of the Yin Yang idea – the creature isn’t two separate creatures, however basically different sides of a similar component. The crown is rather level with a wide knurled design that suits the case esthetic well and the two watches are water-impervious to 50 meters.

As referenced before, the organizers have accepted Chinese creation and plan, and that incorporates the core of the assortment. The development is a specially designed Chinese Peacock SL3006 programmed. Established during the 1950s, the Peacock Watch Company is among the awesome China (alongside brands like Seagull and Hangzhou) with tourbillon and other complex developments in its portfolio. See our article on Off-the-Shelf Alternatives to Swiss Movements for an inside and out viewpoint. This type has 32 gems, beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) with a 41-hour power hold. Capacities incorporate focal hours, minutes and sub-dial seconds at 6 o’clock. The development has been managed in five situations for a competitive precision of +/ – 10 seconds out of each day.

Both new Hao models are restricted to just 25 watches each with a cost of USD 790. Not terrible for a particularly special, smart restricted version arrangement that observes Chinese culture and creation. As this is a second extraordinary arrangement, chronic numbers will begin with the number 2 – 201 to 225. The two watches come with a leather travel pocket and all Atelier Wen watches have a two-year guarantee. For more data and to make a buy, visit the Atelier Wen site .