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Atelier Wen, Inspired by China, With Porcelain Dials

Atelier Wen, Inspired by China, With Porcelain Dials

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There is for sure, the substance of the watchmaking business has changed with the appearance of many Kickstarter projects… Some more inspired than others, some deserving of being covered on MONOCHROME, many neglecting to get our advantage. With a particularly enormous measure of new “brands”, separation is vital. Atelier Wen, the venture of two youthful Frenchmen, is about that. Marginally vintage-inspired watches yet with a rather one of a kind spotlight on China – both for the plan, the assembling and the focused on crowd. Outline of their debut assortment, the Porcelain Odyssey.

Behind Atelier Wen are two youthful (23-year-old) Frenchmen, newly graduated however with an energy for watches. One of the two, Robin, has been gathering watches since the age of 14, with an attention on Chinese watchmaking. From that point forward, he’s been completing a few temporary jobs, including at the French Chamber of Watchmaking, and a lasting counsel position to the Chinese government (again in the field of watchmaking). Subsequently, when they began to shape their horological project, these two quickly pondered China – for the creation of watches as well as for the plan and the potential objective crowd. Atelier Wen was born.

The debut assortment, named Porcelain Odyssey, is evidently inspired by Chinese workmanship and customs. Furthermore, what’s better than traditional Chinese porcelains, with their unique white and blue tones, to address China? All things considered, a brief glance at the dial of these new watches will offer you a prompt response. A few other references to China are noticeable on the watches, as we’ll see later.

The Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey are reasonably sized watches with a 39mm treated steel case, inspired by the shape found during the 1950s on French watches. As we got the opportunity to have one model in our grasp for a couple of days, we can reveal to you that the case is very much planned, all around completed and very much gathered (particularly for a watch valued beneath EUR 500). The hauls have a blend of brushed and cleaned surfaces, the casebands are cleaned as is the bezel. A decent detail is the huge inward spine, roundabout brushed, that encompasses the dial.

On top of the watch is a thick sapphire precious stone that brings decent reflections and slight mutilations (something that I for one like, as it makes the watch all the more energetic). A leather tie with croc design in “Nanking blue” completes the watch. It includes snappy delivery spring bars. The caseback is strong steel with a profoundly embellished creature of Chinese legend, Kunpeng (鲲鹏), likewise utilized as motivation for the logo.

Moving to the main piece of the Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey: the dials. This is the place where the brand separates itself, by giving an unmistakable, straightforward Chinese motivation just as a material in accordance with the idea. The dials, accessible in white or blue, are made in zirconium oxide. Behind this brute name is indeed porcelain, applied on a slim copper base and warmed at 1400°C. The outcome is a smooth, warm dial with rich tone. Unquestionably, finish would be considerably more pleasant, yet it would likewise bring about a completely extraordinary cost. However, don’t misunderstand us, the outcome is as of now very pleasant.

Two plans will be accessible. The main one, Hao (皓) utilizes a white porcelain dial enhanced with “blue components in reverence to the acclaimed Qinghua Ci (青花瓷) porcelains“. It additionally has heat-blued leaf hands, staying reliable with the general porcelain look. Additionally, a pleasant touch can be found in the sub-dial at 6 o’clock, which “is inspired by a conventional time-estimation framework called “Dizhi” (地⽀) or “Earthly Branches”. The characters Mao 卯 (base right) and You⾣ (upper left) address the hours from 5 AM to 7 AM and 5 PM to 7 PM – that is dawn and sunset.

The second dial is a dark blue porcelain named Ji (霁), a name is gotten from the Chinese word, Jilan (霁蓝). It includes a stylised “Huiwen” (回纹) design on the fringe of the dial. This blue dial highlights applied hour dabs and mallet markers as lists, just as rhodium-plated leaf hands. The sub-dial is here various as well, as inspired by a Taoist idea called “Bagua” (八卦). Every image addresses a cardinal heading, demonstrating the situation of the sun in the sky and accordingly the related time.

Powering the watch is a programmed development, the China-made Peacock SL3006. This development has a 4Hz recurrence and a comfortable 41h force hold. It is acclimated to +/ – 10 seconds a day.

What would we be able to finish up about the Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey? Indeed, one thing is sure is that these watches are unique. Absolutely, some won’t appreciate the solid Chinese motivation however we need to perceive consistency and separation in the venture – and a general decent execution of both the case and the dials.

The Atelier Wen Porcelain Odyssey is presently accessible on Kickstarter at a beginning cost of EUR 420. Conveyances are normal in April 2019. More subtleties on .