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Artisans de Genève “La Blausee” – A Skeletonized and Hand-Wound Take on the Rolex Daytona

Artisans de Genève “La Blausee” – A Skeletonized and Hand-Wound Take on the Rolex Daytona

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Artisans de Genève is a watchmaking company that offers watch customization administrations for private customers. In any case, Artisans de Genève isn’t your common watch customizer. No blackened watches here… Its work goes a long ways past esthetics with noteworthy changes on the construction of the actual watch and its development performed by its specialists and watchmakers. For example, this present atelier’s latest creation is a skeletonized and hand-wound interpretation of the Rolex Daytona 116520… And it looks pretty cool, indeed. Meet the Artisans de Genève La Blausee.

With this new creation named “La Blausee” (one of Switzerland’s most delightful lakes), Artisans de Genève wishes to honor classic watchmaking and to early Daytona watches, which were hand-wound chronographs. And the outcome is rather spectacular. In view of a standard Daytona Ref. 116520, La Blausee is a remarkable interpretation of the notorious games chronograph, which stands out with its considerably altered Caliber 4130. It has been totally skeletonized and changed from a programmed development to a hand-wound chronograph !

Reimagining the Rolex Caliber 4130 was needed to change this modern superior segment wheel chronograph into a manual form, eliminating the programmed instrument and fitting it with another barrel and another fountainhead, without slipping harness – and yet guaranteeing a similar 72-hour power hold. It likewise included skeletonizing, redecorating and at last reproducing a few components.

Among the new parts, the handmade super flimsy balance connect and the barrel ratchet are particularly deserving of consideration. Last, the development is sandblasted and given a nickel palladium complete the process of, bringing about a one of a kind tone and specialized look. With everything taken into account, the change of the development takes more than 200 hours of work to complete.

All the pieces of the development are finely decorated, with numerous hand-cleaned slopes – on the edges of the extensions and on the switches – and even includes some sharp, inward points, which must be performed by gifted watchmakers. The switches and springs, made of steel, are straight brushed.

Besides the development, the habillage has additionally been significantly altered to make this Artisans de Genève La Blausee. The base remaining parts the 40mm instance of the Rolex Daytona ref. 116520, made of Oystersteel. It has, in any case, been redecorated, as the drags are currently silk brushed. It likewise includes cleaned points and the rear of the case is sandblasted.

To give this Artisans de Genève La Blausee an interesting look, it has been fitted with another, uniquely designed blue clay bezel (La Blausee is a delightful Swiss lake known for its perfectly clear blue water). All the signs on the bezel are engraved and filled in white, except for the tachymetre notice, in red. The first screw-down pushers have been replaced with the ‘Millerighe’ ones, which allude to early screw-down Daytona pushers.

The unique dial of the Rolex Daytona has been skeletonized, sandblasted and black covered. New circular hour markers and new cleaned and sandblasted hands have additionally been added. Last and not least, the caseback is formed out of titanium. It is engraved and it includes a sapphire precious stone offering a unimpeded view on the heavenly open-worked development.

The Artisans de Genève La Blausee is worn on a conventional treated steel Oyster arm band with collapsing clasp, yet it has been totally glossy silk brushed – not any more cleaned focal links.

This hand-wound, skeletonized take on the Rolex Daytona figures out how to give this famous chronograph a specialized and striking look, yet in addition adds a customary Haute-Horlogerie feeling to a regularly mechanical watch. Normally, some stalwart Rolex fans will imagine that this is immaterial and that the Daytona is essentially wonderful as it is.

Yet, the Artisans de Genève La Blausee is a shockingly first rate take on this clique watch. More often than not, here at MONOCHROME, we are not aficionados of changed watches, however this one is very amazing, whether as far as looks or for the degree of alterations and decoration performed on the movement.

The cost is for this altered Artisans de Genève is CHF 46,500 (excl. charges). For more data and pre-orders, visit the dedicated page at .