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Arnold & Son Nebula 38, now in Stainless Steel

Arnold & Son Nebula 38, now in Stainless Steel

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In 2018, Arnold & Son introduced a more modest rendition of one of its most striking watches, a watch that was worked with evenness, equilibrium and construction as a top priority: the Nebula . In light of the idea presented in its incredibly complex Constant-Force Tourbillon watch, this watch was planned in view of similar feeling of esthetics, at this point with more straightforward mechanical arrangements. Today, the brand presents a non-restricted variant in a downplayed case, with the Arnold & Son Nebula 38 Steel.


Originally introduced in a 41.5mm case, the Arnold & Son Nebula¬†was situated as Arnold & Son’s entrance level skeleton watch. Considering the assortment of noteworthy watches the brand has, the idea of passage level is very underestimated. Intended to catch the unique engineering of the Constant-Force Tourbillon however with less complications, the 41.5mm Nebula even arrived in a tempered steel alternative. Afterward, at Baselworld 2018, the brand presented a more modest version of this watch, by decreasing the size of the case and the inward rib however not the development. First introduced in a red gold form, the Nebula 38 is presently created in steel.

Smaller, more casual

The thought of more modest watches is developing these days. Not every person needs to brandish a 42mm or in addition to on his/her wrist. In view of this, Arnold & Son chose to add, close to the current 41.5mm model, a more modest, more attentive, more rich form of the Nebula. Estimating a truly reasonable 38mm in breadth and a moderately slim profile of 8.91mm, the watch holds an incredible presence. The decrease of the measurement has been acquired gratitude to a slimmer bezel and a more slender, more slopped internal rib, which actually circles a similar development. Accordingly, the in-house type is considerably more emphasized.

Then, there’s the material. After a striking red gold release with dull dim accents, the brand plays on monochromatic tones with its tempered steel variant. The development is more obscure on this steel release, with the fundamental plate covered in dark and the radially situated scaffolds being dull dim NAC-covered. The facetted applied records and the hands are rhodium-plated, coordinating the case. At last, the Arnold & Son Nebula 38 Steel is introduced on an inclination dim calfskin tie with a pin clasp, giving the watch a more easygoing mentality (more shadings accessible for the strap).

Mechanical symmetry

The dial is framed by ten extensions fixed on the border, seven of which are three-sided with chamfered edges, a cutting edge gesture to customary English development engineering. The extensions were likewise the motivation of the watch’s name Nebula, after the galactic term for a haze of infinite gas and residue framed by the trash of detonating stars. At the highest point of the dial, the two fountainhead barrels rule the view and furnish the development with a solid 90-hour power hold. In the lower part of the dial, the little seconds counter and the equilibrium wheel give a visual partner to the barrels.

The completes on both the dial side and opposite are amazingly wonderful, with the inclines sparkling over the dim extensions and plates. The beautification incorporates chamfered spans with cleaned edges and brushed surfaces, chamfered wheels with A&S three-talked plan, gold chatons, and screws with inclined and reflect cleaned heads. In this more modest form, the development actually quantifies over 31mm in breadth, hence consummately occupying the space accessible in the case.


The Arnold & Son Nebula 38 Steel (ref. 1NECS.B01A) will be a lasting individual from the Arnold & Son assortment and will be evaluated at CHF 13,500 (excl. charges), so 10k not exactly the red gold model. More subtleties at .