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Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT

Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT


There’s unquestionably no lack of jump watches available with fanatic works of art from Rolex, Omega, Seiko, and other standard heavyweights. One of a kind offerings from lesser realized brands like H20 Watch and Farer give captivating other options, and there was a blast of generally obscure, top of the line jumpers flourishing during the 1960s and 1970s. Albeit never a commonly recognized name, Aquadive was all around regarded among water fans in those previous a long time with high profundity appraisals, straightforward plans and trend setting innovation for the time. Comparative in soul to the restored Jenny Caribbean 300 jumper , the new Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT carries retro styling with present day designing for jumpers seeking to remember the past or just game an interesting piece. With both German and Swiss plan, the watch is most importantly a sub device, yet an upscale alternative for earthly fans too. We should investigate this advanced interpretation of an ocean abiding impact from the past.


Although well known with imaginative, reasonable jump watches during the 1960s and 1970s, Aquadive went the method of disco and bellbottoms as the quartz emergency demolished numerous in the business during the 1980s. The brand reemerged in 2011 under the Synchron Group, which likewise possesses Doxa, another celebrated and restored jumper brand that additionally ends up dispersing the previously mentioned Jenny jumpers. Yet, we should not go off on a sudden digression. The Bathyscaphe 100 GMT is among a little arrangement of new Aquadive pieces that incorporate 1,000 and 3,000-meter Bathyscaphe and Bathysphere renditions. Independently worked for plunging, the watch is approximately demonstrated after the Time-Depth 50 from Aquadive’s unique period. That part had an early electric development and Bourdon (oil-filled) profundity check, and combined with its seagoing legacy, is thus hard for gatherers to discover in perfect, unique condition. The development wasn’t quartz and had a traditional hairspring, yet the fountainhead was supplanted by a battery-fueled charge.

Aquadive discovered new-old-stock cases for some genuinely retro models in 2011 and 2012 with the 200 NOS vintage jumper (a more up to date NOS Model 77 is right now accessible), however the Bathyscaphe 100 GMT is a ground-up piece that is machined from 316L treated steel blocks in Germany. Its new Bathyscaphe 300 (with a 3,000-meter profundity rating) has an enormous case that coordinates the first Time-Depth 50 at 47mm, yet the 100 model is restrained with more reasonable measurements. A Swiss ETA workhorse replaces the prior electric development that necessary a battery substitution a few years. Like Doxa and Jenny, Aquadive is moderately obscure outside of the plunging scene with maybe a generally secret history. It’s extraordinary to see these veteran jumper brands making a comeback with current takes on vintage designs.


The Bathyscaphe 100 GMT case is a still reasonable 43mm in measurement and weighty 15mm in tallness – plainly a device watch size, yet comfortable on the wrist. All cases are CNC machined, cleaned and brushed in Germany from German 316L treated steel, alongside the development holding ring and bezel (a machined bronze case is likewise accessible). The steel caseback screws down and the watch is water-impervious to 1,000 meters. Supplanting the Time-Depth 50’s Bourdon profundity measure is a programmed helium discharge valve at 6 o’clock and the GMT hand takes after the profundity check’s hand on the vintage piece.

A clay timing ring is embedded in the 120-click unidirectional steel bezel. The bezel is tall with a satisfying tightening activity, making it simple to turn with both wet hands and gloves. The screw-down crown guarantees the 1,000 meter profundity rating and winds the watch in the first (unscrewed) position, sets the GMT hand in the subsequent position (and turning it counterclockwise sets the date) and the standard time in the third position. Aquadive’s logo is machined on the crown’s end. A sapphire gem secures the dial and the esthetic is that of a straightforward jump watch from a past era.


The dark dial comes with four shading choices for the GMT hand and 24-hour GMT external ring. Tones incorporate orange, turquoise, white and yellow. Striking, applied records with lume are right inside the GMT ring and the silver skeleton hour and moment hands additionally have lume embeds. The silver seconds hand has a square of lume close to its tip and the shaded GMT hand has a huge three-sided pointer.

A date window sits at 3 o’clock with a coordinating dark foundation and albeit very much estimated and unpretentious, I for one lean toward jumpers without the complication. AQUADIVE and its logo are imprinted in white at the top, with BATHYSPHERE 100 GMT at the base (albeit this is a Bathyscaphe model). 1000 METERS/3300 FEET and AUTOMATIC are printed beneath. The dial is profoundly decipherable and the exceptional state of the hands (and a sprinkle of shading) give a touch of character in an otherwise direct instrument watch.


The thumping heart of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 GMT is a Swiss ETA 2893-2 programmed type. It has 21 gems, beats at 28,800vph (4Hz) with a 42-hour power hold. Capacities incorporate hours, minutes, seconds (hacking), GMT hand and date. The Top Grade development is changed in 5 situations with an individual testament of precision included with each watch (normal exactness pace of +/ – 4 seconds for every day).

It’s not a chronometer, but rather that additional degree of detail from Aquadive is a decent touch. It ought to be noticed that the ETA development doesn’t have a bouncing hour hand, so when setting the standard time, the GMT hour hand moves also – likely not a burden for most.


All models have an ISOfrane elastic (isoprene) lash (a brand additionally under the Synchron Group umbrella) that come in dark and coordinating tone to the GMT hand and external ring. The ties were first presented during the 1960s explicitly for jumpers and are better than standard elastic in both comfort and strength. They’re adequately long to fold over a wetsuit and come with a marked tempered steel clasp. The 22mm lashes are comfortable, non-harmful, hypoallergenic and silicon free (a residue magnet), which is ideal for delayed water openness. They can be effortlessly traded with a discretionary tempered steel wristband or outsider strap.


It’s not elusive a competent jump watch in pretty much any value range, however resuscitating more established brands like Jenny and Aquadive bring exemplary plans and heaps of character to your wrist. Albeit the first Time-Depth 50 was one of a kind with an electric, non-quartz development and oil-filled profundity check, the contemporary Bathyscaphe 100 GMT gives a more solid and cleaned plan for the present water fans. You may not be comfortable with the Aquadive brand, however it has a background marked by top of the line plunge watches returning to the 1960s and you’d be unable to locate a more fit piece in this cost range.

The Bathyscaphe 100 GMT models are restricted to 500 watches with a retail cost between USD 1,890 and USD 1,990 relying upon the model (diminished from USD 2,490). All watches come with a restricted 2-year guarantee and can be bought at the company’s online store . More data can be found at Aquadive’s site .