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Alfredo Silva, Co-Owner/Founder of Fromanteel Watches, about Building a Brand and a New Traveller Watch

Alfredo Silva, Co-Owner/Founder of Fromanteel Watches, about Building a Brand and a New Traveller Watch

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Building a brand without any preparation is a test. Achievement isn’t consistently (indeed, more often than not) ensured and few can guarantee “we made it”. Fromanteel might have been one of them, however this watch brand, established in 2009, has stood the trial of time and moved from microbrand to set up youthful brand status. Today we talk with Alfredo Silva, prime supporter, to see how to make a brand – and we’ll have a sneak look at Fromanteel’s most recent creation, the Pendulum Traveler Automatic. 


I probably been around eight years of age when I got my first Casio mini-computer watch. Right up ’til the present time I actually recall how interested I was by the sheer measure of usefulness that they had the option to find a way into that thing. Dislike I at any point utilized any of them, mind you, however it was stunning to have a piece of designing on my wrist. I surmise the usefulness combined with the material estimation of the watch – the heaviness of it, for a youngster that age – is the thing that set off me. I have been a devotee of watches by and large ever since!


My colleague (Co-Owner/Founder of Fromanteel Watches) and I have known each other for just about eighteen years. We initially met while working for a notable brand of caffeinated drinks, which is the place where we used to run showcasing related activities and occasions together. We before long discovered that we shared a solid enthusiasm for watches, despite the fact that it showed itself in various ways.

Martijn was a gatherer of watch-related pamphlets and books, and would often spend lumps of his compensation on watches he cherished. While I, then again, had an eye for odd-looking watches. Fakes, or anything with an incorrectly spelled brand name or an unusual looking crown, were my top choices. Not on the grounds that I appreciated wearing them, however in light of the fact that I would adore looking at them. You could go the extent that maxim that I appreciated them, even. I’m as yet not altogether sure why, I surmise I thought it was clever to possess them.

This shared enthusiasm for watches prompted numerous discussions regarding the matter among Martijn and myself, yet at the time we didn’t do considerably more than talk. He proceeded to find a new line of work in land and I wound up in promoting. That is until the monetary emergency of 2008 hit the Netherlands. The market stopped, and both the promotion and land businesses lost all traction.

Martijn and I concluded that if there was ever an opportunity to attempt something a touch seriously energizing; this would need to be it. During our discussions, it before long became clear again that we both had an unquestionable energy for watches, and we’d be fools not to accomplish something with this – we would before long concur on an objective: to make top caliber yet reasonable watches with a downplayed design.

We discovered the name Fromanteel as I was investigating Dutch horological legacy to more readily comprehend the setting wherein we would be working as a business.

This search got us to the Horological Museum Zaandam, a little exhibition hall, which highlights loads of verifiable reports about Holland’s horological past. There, the conservator shared his experiences about the Fromanteel group of clockmakers, which had ascended to popularity by being one of the first to execute the pendulum component in their standing tickers. At that point – 17th-century Amsterdam – this was viewed as a profoundly mechanical achievement.

We before long discovered that, other than being profoundly creative, the Fromanteel family’s company was likewise a global. They claimed workshops from Amsterdam to London and Newcastle. As far as we might be concerned, two aggressive business visionaries going to set out on quite possibly the most energizing undertakings of our lives, the historical backdrop of this family and their accomplishments were an inspiration.

We went on and established Fromanteel in 2009.


We face a daily reality such that is quickly evolving. Consistently new advances introduce themselves and things we used to possess, which once had an actual appearance, are presently digitalized and divided between millions as memberships. The term ‘esteem’ is deciphered distinctively these days and more often than not it is rapidly tradable for something different or not tactile.

There are those among us that vibe the solid need to show an incentive in something material, something physical – real.  Something that enhances a memory or a second as expected: like a graduation, marriage or a once in a blue moon occasion or a grounded companionship. At Fromanteel we call this ‘Quality Time’.

We accept that, in an always evolving world, such an unbelievable marvel as ‘Quality Time’ is difficult to find and therefore uncommon. For Fromanteel this presents both a test and an opportunity.

The challenge of becoming old is genuine and innovation is anxious to have our spot. Cell phones and savvy watches are telling something other than the time and they are light a very long time in front of what we could at any point have the option to offer as far as usefulness. We see a totally different age becoming acclimated to keen gadgets and not considering a watch at a youthful age.

However, as I referenced previously, the chance is additionally there to make up for the worth shortfall by offering ‘Quality Time’ one can genuinely possess. Or then again, maybe, to offer watches that empower us to catch recollections that are attached to a specific second as expected. We progressively see our wearers getting on to this thought and moving toward us to etch their Fromanteel watches, while others decide to alter it with an extraordinary lash to make it their own.

I accept that this is the thing that makes our positions so fulfilling.


Since the Fromanteel Pendulum , the principal automatic watch in our assortment was dispatched in 2015, we’ve seen a gigantic interest for it. After one year we presented the Special Dark Edition of the Pendulum, which was likewise generally welcomed. Wearers obviously succumbed to its downplayed plan and quality wrapping up. The way that we had the option to offer the watch at a moderate cost likewise helped.

However, the suddenly popularity acquired difficulties of its own terms of creation, and they have been in low stockpile since this mid year. We are free for the time being, as both Pendulum models are being gathered in our Swiss Atelier at this very moment. They are required to show up this December.

The appeal likewise showed us that Fromanteel’s plan reasoning is appropriate in automatic watches and that there’s space for additional. Thus, in mid 2017 we started to consider how to answer this call. It was imperative to try not to present a development that would drive the cost of the watch excessively far away from the remainder of our assortment. We accept that we have something to be thankful for passing by sticking around the 1000 Euro cost point.

Of the numerous thoughts, the one that truly stuck was that of a GMT. Not just due to the dependability of the SW-330-1 development we would utilize, yet additionally due to the measure of positive criticism we got from our wearers about the Globetrotter GMT watch in our Quartz assortment. A significant number of them considered the Globetrotter GMT watch to be a reliable partner in crime for their various journeys.

During the center of 2017 we set out to build up an automatic cousin for the Globetrotter GMT watch. We would endeavor to offer the most elevated Swiss Made quality watch your buck could purchase, without bargaining regarding materials or wrapping up. We accept that, following 2 years, we figured out how to surpass these objectives and assumptions with the new Pendulum Traveler.

The Pendulum Traveler is, unmistakably, the most refined watch in our assortment. We went with the consistently dependable SW-330-1 development, bragging a solid force save 42 hours. The development is housed in a cleaned 42mm hardened steel case, with a 37.5mm case opening. This case-to-opening proportion truly brings the complicated dial out in an agreeable way.

The case is fixed with sapphire, against reflection glass, making the case stature simply somewhat under 11mm (10.7mm). On the back you’ll discover straightforward glass, permitting the wearer to look inside the uncovered development. The watch is 5ATM (50m) pressure safe and comes with a natural Fromanteel Yellow crown at 4 o’clock.

The dial is graced with an unrivaled completion that straightforwardly surpasses other watches in a similar classification. Moving from the middle to the bezel is a sunray design on an off-white dial, bringing a specific measure of esthetic refinement to the watch. The date window is set at 4 o’clock and follows the esthetic character of the watch’s crown. The 24-hour GMT pointer is done in a recognizable Fromanteel Yellow, ensuring UV-light shading dependability and opposition. Like its cousin, the Fromanteel Pendulum Original, the seconds marker has a blue steel finish, which is made by warming the steel to 150 degrees Celsius. This procedure is utilized to shield the steel from rusting, however it additionally adds to the tough character of the watch itself.


The Pendulum Traveler is currently accessible for pre-request at . The watch will cost EUR 799 during the campaign.