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A Collected Man to Host an Online Auction of Julie Kraulis x FP Journe Illustration, for Covid-19 Research

A Collected Man to Host an Online Auction of Julie Kraulis x FP Journe Illustration, for Covid-19 Research

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Following the sale of the ultra-restricted and sublimely executed Urban Jürgensen Big 8 London Edition , which raised over USD 37,000 for Covid-19 research, London-based watch curator, retailer and vintage specialist A Collected Man is about to initiate a second venture with the idea of raising assets for the COVID-Zero Research Initiative. This time, it will be an illustration made for A Collected Man by Julie Kraulis in 2018, of Francois-Paul Journe’s first-historically speaking wristwatch, endorsed by Journe himself.

Julie Kraulis, based in Toronto, Canada, is an understand artist – her work can be seen on her Instagram page here – in the watch community, famous for her assortment of graphite drawings gave to watches. Through her ‘horological portraits’ painted with pencils, Julie recreates the intricate details of famous watches with an insane degree of precision.

In 2018, A Collected Man asked Kraulis to make a portrait of an important watch, by an important watchmaker, Francois-Paul Journe’s first-historically speaking wristwatch, the 1991 Tourbillon No.1 with Remontoir d’Egalité – still around then almost a model watch, which laid the foundation for the Tourbillon Souverain Souscription Series and First Generation, the brand’s first legitimate creation watches.

Taking more than 300 hours to complete utilizing graphite pencil just, the drawing is recorded and endorsed by Journe himself, who left a small message at the lower part of it (with the illustration measuring about 25.75″ by 40″).

This drawing (not a print but rather the original artwork) will be auctioned from Monday 25th to Sunday 31st May, with offering shutting at 12 PM (London time) on the last day. All returns, not simply profits, from the sale will be donated to the Wellcome Trust, COVID-Zero Research Initiative , specifically in their endeavors to finance vaccine advancement against the infection. This will come in addition to the supports raised by the sale of the Big 8 London Edition .

The auction will take place on A Collected Man’s website here , with bidders having to pre-register their advantage and the most noteworthy offer always being displayed.