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A Closer Look at the MING 19.02 Worldtimer

A Closer Look at the MING 19.02 Worldtimer


A few months prior, I wound up in Singapore sitting opposite Ming Thein, organizer of MING Watches . In my hot little hands was the MING 19.02 Worldtimer , a fairly polarizing watch that has produced a lot of conversations. The fourth model from the Malaysian beginning up, it offered us the principal genuine sign that MING would not have been simply one more specialty brand making unmistakable looking, time-just watches. Ostensibly the MING 17.03 GMT had just indicated this reality. Yet, with a Sellita development and a retail cost underneath CHF 1,650, it wasn’t exactly a similar shot across the bow of Swiss watchmaking as the 19.02. With its Worldtimer, MING is making a strong assertion. Furthermore, individuals – which means gatherers – appear to be responding.

To discover why, I invested some energy looking at the MING 19.02 Worldtimer in more detail; wearing it on the wrist, playing with the world-time show, in any event, taking the ties on and off. This is what I learned. 


Measuring 39mm x 11.2mm high, the case sits pleasantly on the wrist. It is anything but a super thin watch however you can wear it comfortably with a sleeve. The greater part of the case thickness can be credited to the profound box-sapphire precious stones. There’s one on either side, held set up by a sensibly slight, grade 5 titanium band. This adds a great deal of profundity, which is especially obvious on the dial side. Likewise with MING’s other watches, there are no spacer rings to guarantee rigidity.

The bezel and drags are cleaned, while the case is finely brushed. The state of the carries is very unmistakable however fortunately they are not as sharp as they would show up in the photographs. I can’t represent everyone, except I found the watch comfortable both on the wrist and in the hand.

Dial and Hands

What at first pulled in me to the MING 19.02 Worldtimer was the moderate plan of the dial. It’s perfect and downplayed however there’s still bounty proceeding to draw the eye. The establishment is, obviously, the slope sapphire dial, what gets going clear at the edges prior to changing to a serious dark at the middle. As per MING, a remarkable finish measure is utilized to accomplish this profound intelligent radiance, which is nearly polish like in appearance.

It differentiates truly well against the pink gold-covered development noticeable underneath, despite the fact that I realize not every person is an enthusiast of the shading plan utilized. Actually, I think if the development had been left uncoated the dial wouldn’t fly similarly it does, making it lose that underlying wow factor.

Hours and minutes are shown halfway by skeletonized hands treated with Super-LumiNova X1, which highlight an external part ring that is laser-carved into the sapphire gem. A focal crosshair has additionally been added to make it simpler to peruse the time. For readability in low light conditions, there is a brilliant ring inside the bezel that projects a soft sparkle onto the dial.

The world-time sign is likewise similarly downplayed. Static city names are printed under the sapphire to make a consistent presentation, while a covered segment on the inclination sapphire dial takes into account a turning titanium 24-hour circle. The city choice is to some degree non-standard, which is down to author Ming Thein’s diverse tastes. The presence of ‘KUL’ (Kuala Lumpur) on the ring gives proper respect to MING’s birthplace.


Turning the watch over offers a genuine visual treat. Noticeable through the sapphire caseback is Schwarz Etienne’s in-house, miniature rotor programmed development, the ASE220.1. The 24-hour instrument is incorporated into the baseplate yet usefulness is to some degree restricted, which means you can’t hop the hour hand advances or in reverse autonomously once you show up at your area. All things being equal, you need to change everything. It is anything but a serious deal yet the additional usefulness would have been nice.

The design of the development is extraordinary to MING, which says seriously regarding the brand’s steady spotlight on the subtleties than everything else. It’s additionally very ideal to take a gander at. The bidirectional winding miniature rotor is made of sintered tungsten and the single barrel offers a sound 70-hour power save. There is no force hold marker, which is somewhat of a disgrace. There’s no uncertainty it would have demolished the visual esthetic to put it on the dial side however one on the development side would have been useful. Once more, it is anything but a major issue, in addition to the mark MING skeletonized barrel cover permits you to outwardly survey the condition of wind.

From a brightening perspective, the development has been matte-impacted with a 5N pink gold covering, making it truly ‘pop’. The somewhat skeletonized spans add a feeling of profundity, which is further complemented by the hand-cleaned anglage. Similarly as with the 19.01, the development is changed in five positions and tried for an all-inclusive period before conveyance. Once more, the tender loving care is apparent. Indeed, it’s a reevaluated development, yet you can see MING’s persuasions and info everywhere.


The MING 19.02 comes with two calf leather lashes carefully assembled by Jean Rosseau, Paris, and marked steel clasps. Changing between the two is simple without any devices expected gratitude to the basic snappy delivery system. You can likewise buy extra Jean Rosseau leather ties from MING on the off chance that you need to alter the appearance of your watch further.

Price and Warranty

The MING 19.02 Worldtimer retails for CHF 10,900 in the event that you pay by bank move (CHF 11,900 by PayPal) and new orders are required to send from the finish of Q1 2020. This cost incorporates overall transportation, with tracking and protection. It prohibits any charges and import obligations forced by the nation of conveyance, nonetheless, so be aware of that.

It’s acceptable to see that MING has additionally expanded the guarantee on this watch to 2 years. This better mirrors the nature of the development of the case and development and furthermore gives potential purchasers more tranquility of mind.


There’s no doubt, the MING 19.02 Worldtimer isn’t for everyone. Beside whatever else, the conditions for buy and the considerable delay time for conveyance will probably sift through everything except the most prepared of gatherers. Then there’s the particular plan and the moderate showcase. By and by, I truly like this watch. I think it looks cool, is utilitarian (in spite of the fact that it very well may be all the more so) and is all around made. Furthermore, because of the inalienable creation restrictions most little companies face – just as the previously mentioned reasons – you’re probably not going to see an excessive number of in nature. Regardless, I do think MING all in all merits a more intensive look, regardless of whether just to fulfill your curiosity.

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