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A Closer Look at the British-Made Garrick S2 Central Seconds

A Closer Look at the British-Made Garrick S2 Central Seconds


If I’m being straightforward, the new Garrick S2 Central Seconds isn’t a watch I would regularly go for. I realize that is an unusual method to begin a review however it’s reality. For a beginning, it’s not actually my style of watch. I incline toward something somewhat more present day looking. Besides, I’ve taken care of and worn pretty much every past Garrick model made. And keeping in mind that I respect the craftsmanship and commitment that goes into each piece – also the lion heart of company author David Brailsford – none have truly “spoken” to me. Subsequent to going through seven days with this watch on my wrist however, I’m beginning to reconsider things. This is effectively Garrick’s best work yet. It’s undeniable the little British watchmaker has been tuning in to criticism from its clients and has truly endeavored to take things to the following level. Try not to trust me however. Peruse the review and make up your own mind.

A Brief Recap

By now, most perusers ought to in any event be acquainted with the name Garrick Watches. All things considered, we have expounded on each model from the brand since its commencement. What’s more, we as of late ran a meeting with company author, David Brailsford . Situated in Norwich, England, this little outfit is set for help reestablish British watchmaking to its previous brilliance. Or possibly set it solidly back up for life. A specific Roger Smith has been making a fine showing of that for a long time, yet he can’t worry about the concern alone.

Anyone who’s had anything to do with Garrick previously, or met Brailsford besides, will disclose to you that this is a company driven by enthusiasm; they are truly attempting to make an excellent item that truly shows consideration has been paid to the better subtleties. It’s been a long excursion, with Garrick accepting too much analysis en route. Surprisingly, in any case, the little group has stayed strong, even despite an extremely difficult neighborhood market. All the more critically, they have been showing improvement with every single watch.

Which carries us to the new S2 Central Seconds, the company’s fifth watch and the first to utilize a central scope seconds show. It might just be a straightforward three-hander, yet this is a watch – that as I would see it, in any event – merits cautious and examined consideration. There’s the conspicuous drawcard of the eye-getting motor turned dial (more on that in a moment). However I discovered it was the better contacts that had me continually looking down at my wrist throughout the week. I’ve attempted to catch whatever number of them as could be allowed all through this review to ideally give you a thought of what I’m talking about. In this way, we should get to it.


As part of its assembling abilities, Garrick has the ability to make cases in-house without any preparation. In any case, this is to a great extent saved for bespoke models for private customers, because of the time and impressive assets needed to produce at scale. In this way, for the S2, the company works with a nearby designing company to machine the parts in the harsh to their determination. The parts are then wrapped up by hand in the Garrick workshop in Norwich preceding assembly.

Made from 904L steel and estimating 42mm in width by 10mm high, the slender bezel and the highest points of the carries are exceptionally cleaned, while the casebands are grained utilizing a linishing machine. Finally, the space in the middle of the carries is iced. The completing is done to a great extent by hand and I need to say the quality is promptly obvious. I likewise found the watch very comfortable to wear because of the bended carries, and shockingly flexible – It may appear to be thick in the photographs yet gauges a sensible 10mm in tallness. Completing the case is a fluted onion crown.

Dial & Hands

The fundamental talking purpose of the S2 is clearly the motor turned dial. This is something you regularly just find on extremely top of the line Swiss watches, from companies like Breguet. Try not to let the way that this one is made in-house by a little British maker fool you however. It’s the genuine article. Indeed, at the danger of sounding excessively energetic, I need to say it is actually very spectacular.

According to Garrick, it takes around 4 – 5 days to make a solitary dial and the interaction is to a great extent done by hand. The company was sufficiently thoughtful to furnish us with a point by point breakdown of the multitude of steps involved:

  1. The dial is first machined from brass;
  2. The skeletonised section ring is cut;
  3. The section ring is incidentally mounted on a metal dial and utilized as a layout for boring the mounting openings with a dance borer;
  4. The part ring is eliminated and hand completed the process of utilizing super meager watchmakers’ records to eliminate burrs;
  5. The part ring is heat blued on a bed of copper filings;
  6. The dial is then turned on a rose cutting lathe;
  7. The motor turned part of the dial is covered and the raised clear section ring zone is then grained or frosted;
  8. The dial is then rhodium or gold plated;
  9. Lastly, the part ring is mounted to the dial.

If you read all the means intently, you will definitely realize that the dial is accessible with either a rhodium or gold-plated finish. The dial of the previous – which is the one I had for review – is treated on three separate events to accomplish an appealing shade of dim, in spite of the fact that its tone truly changes relying upon how the light hits. All things considered, the excellence of Garrick being a little maker ready to do the vast majority of the work in-house, is that customers can look over a scope of dial themes and tones. Which means you can make an interesting model customized to your tastes.

The same can be said for the hands, which are additionally made in-house and are heat blued and sloped by hand. I don’t know I’ve worked really hard of catching exactly how pleasant the hands are in the photographs, yet they are a major piece of the explanation I invested such a lot of energy gazing at the dial. The creation models use what Garrick calls lancine hands, however again there are a selection of styles accessible on the off chance that you need something bespoke.

The heat-blued, skeletonised part ring is likewise a decent touch and truly helps integrate the entire dial. As indicated by Brailsford, it’s likewise quite possibly the most troublesome things to make on the dial. Its size combined with its slimness makes it a bad dream to blue in a steady shade, and afterward there’s the test of appending it to the dial without harming it. Certainly justified regardless of the time and exertion though.

At six o’clock there is a huge removed to permit the brand’s free-sprung Trinity balance – which is produced and completed in-house – to be on full presentation. Free-sprung alludes to the way that the length of the equilibrium spring is fixed, thus as opposed to utilizing a record agent, the rate at which the equilibrium sways is changed by fixing or releasing the screws fastened to the equilibrium wheel. This purportedly permits the equilibrium spring to breathe better, bringing about improved exactness. Thus, Garrick reports an every day resilience of +/ – 3 seconds, which is well inside the chronometer prerequisites of the COSC. In spite of the fact that I should take note of this development has not been submitted for testing or certification.

The edge of the equilibrium is produced using an uncommon, licensed composite called Sircumet, which is against attractive and impervious to salts. It likewise offers extraordinary hardness without the requirement for heat treatment, which implies no bending. Holding everything set up is a mirror-cleaned, hand-chamfered balance connect, which traverses the width of the dial cut-out. Once more, the hand-completing here is of an exceptionally elevated requirement. With regards to the idea of supreme customisation, the mainplate noticeable underneath can be in iced gold plate or rhodium plate with perlage embellishment. The decision is up to the owner.


Inside is the new type UT-G03, which depends on the first UT-G01 found in the Portsmouth . For this variety, Garrick has taken out the sub seconds and altered the development to show the seconds centrally all things considered. Other than that, it is reliable with past cycles. A manual-winding development, it offers a maximum force hold of around 45 hours.

Visible through a sapphire caseback, the development has been intended to look characteristically British and is painstakingly iced and cleaned by hand. Gathering and completing of the development happen more than three days by ace watchmaker Craig Baird, a 30-year-veteran of the business. Basic in its plan, it is shockingly attractive, thanks in no little part to the 19 gems, the thermally blued screws, and the gold chatons, the last two of which are made in-house.


Several material alternatives are accessible for the carefully assembled lash, including gator, calf leather, bison and ostrich. All are shut with a 316L tempered steel pin buckle.

Price And Final Thoughts

The Garrick S2 Central Seconds is estimated at GBP 12,495 excl. Tank (for example outside the EU) and GBP 14,995 incl. Tank (for example inside the EU). From the outset, that appears to be a great deal of cash, and it is, particularly for a moderately straightforward three-hander from a British brand no less. There are a ton of other alternatives at this value point. All things considered, you will discover scarcely any, that offer this degree of hand-completing and customisation. Each watch is carefully assembled to request, and it takes around 8 – 12 weeks to construct one beginning to end. Subsequently, there is as of now a six-month sitting tight rundown for the S2.

Garrick has never been bashful about the way that it is focusing on a specialty crowd that qualities excellent craftsmanship and meticulousness. With the new S2, I want to say with certainty that their capacities have well and genuinely found their desire. This is a truly incredible looking watch that is comfortable to wear, charming to take a gander at and certainly particular on the wrist. In the event that this is the thing that we can anticipate from the brand going ahead, I figure the future may be looking simply that smidgen more brilliant for British watchmaking.

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